Funkoars sign with Golden Era Records

Big news today for all aussie hip hop fans (see what we did there), with the release of not only The Hilltop Hoods deluxe editions (The Calling, The Hard Road and The Hard Road: Restrung), drop today but we also got the announcement that The Funkoars have officially signed on the dotted line with Golden Era Records. This is the first signing, that we know of to take place with Golden Era, and hails an exciting time for not only The Funkoars but also the Hilltops. The Oars were kind enough to send us a message regarding the latest news and here’s what they had to say.

Yo, yes we have signed with golden era. The Hoods back catalogue and The Hangover Premium edition are both available from today through Golden Era, Get some!

Nothing like a little plug…

The Funkoars re-release, also drops today and features all new jams with Ash Grunwald and K21.
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The Hangover was originally released on November 29, 2008 on the group’s own label, Peepshow Entertainment. Now it is at the Golden Era Records stable and presented as a wonderful ‘Deluxe Edition‘ which features 3 bonus tracks.

1. More Of The Raw
2. The Hangover
3. Black Sally
4. Show Money
5. Bootleg It
6. The Phallic Menace
7. What’s Your Malfunction
8. Double Dutch
9. Reign On The Masses
10. This Is How – Trials Remix
11. Let You Go
12. Never Coming Back
13. Do It Together
14. Lock Me Up
15. Little Did I Know
16. The Hangover – Sesta Remix
17. This Is How – Trials Remix