V8 Supersounds – 600 Sounds featuring The Funkoars

There is a new music festival circuit, V8 Supersounds, part of V8 Supercars Australia. The first of these V8 Supersounds events is 600 Sounds part of the Armor All Gold Coast 600 (from Friday 22 – Sunday 24 October 2010). Sunday night will feature Australia’s hip hop heavyweights The Funkoars. Based in Adelaide, they have had record-breaking attendance all over the nation……Gold Coast get ready. Consisting of three emcees – Trials, Hons and Sesta – plus DJ Reflux, they have produced some of the best hip hop known to Australia. Also appearing is Australia’s Sneaky Sound System. Ministry of Sound’s … Continue reading V8 Supersounds – 600 Sounds featuring The Funkoars

The Ultimate Hangover – Funkoars live at HQ Complex Adelaide

After a string of sold out tours and festivals, The Funkoars have been taking a well earned sabbatical from what was essentially a two year long hangover. Now after some serious stomach pumping and quality time in rehab, The ‘Oars are ready to deliver their last Adelaide show for 2010. Not only will this mark their final hometown show of 2010, but we will also see The Funkoars performing selected cuts from their back catalogue for the VERY… LAST… TIME. Promising to deliver a world class performance, The Funkoars have pulled out all the stops – more booze, more women … Continue reading The Ultimate Hangover – Funkoars live at HQ Complex Adelaide

Theory Of Face (Trials + DJ Ad-Fu) – Cambodian Rock update

Cambodian Rock is the new joint emcee Trials and DJ Ad-Fu wrote for the Ironlak guys, who needed something to go with a video of the their team smashing their new ‘Reload’ cans. The ‘Reload’ cans are bigger than their standard tins, low-oder with massive fat caps custom, totally crazy shit, pretty much designed for danger…with that the guys set out to make the track crush accordingly. Theory Of Face is the name of Trials and DJ Ad-Fu’s (did cuts on Bootleg It on The Hangover)  psychedelic side project, born from their common love of stoner rock and spontaneity. Originally … Continue reading Theory Of Face (Trials + DJ Ad-Fu) – Cambodian Rock update

allaussie hip hop Interviews Trials from The Funkoars

Emcee Trials, from The Funkoars’ spoke to allaussie hip hop recently as the group prepare to embark on a co-headlining tour with blues artist, Ash Grunwald. The tour kicks off in Melbourne this Friday night (5th Feb) and then heads up the coast to Sydney (12th Feb) and then on to Brisbane (13th Feb). We ask Trials about the move from Shogun to Golden Era, how The Funkoars teamed up with Ash Grunwald and find out what’s on the agenda for The Funkoars this year. AAHH: Shogun unfortunately had to shut their doors recently. The Funkoars needed a new home and you seemed to find one pretty quickly at Golden Era Records, how has this transition gone? TRIALS: The transition has been … Continue reading allaussie hip hop Interviews Trials from The Funkoars

Funkoars and Hilltop Hoods Secret Tracks

Here we have two little gems that were discovered recently (for some). Both The Funkoars and The Hilltop Hoods have put hidden tracks in their CD’s for all to find. To find these tracks, all you need is an old CD player that you can rewind from track 1. Otherwise you can just check them out below. The first track comes from the Hilltop Hoods titled, Ya Feel Big, appearing on The Hard Road Deluxe edition. The second track is from The Funkoars, titled Dirty Old Man, which appears on their album The Hangover. NICE! Continue reading Funkoars and Hilltop Hoods Secret Tracks

Funkoars Top 10 for 2009 + Tour News

The lads over at Golden Era, The Funkoars thought it was about time they sent in their top 10 songs for 2009. Even though voting has already closed, it’s good to see what the guys were feeling last year.  The Funkoars and Trials top 10 are listed below. The Funkoars – Top 10 for 2009 Hilltop Hoods – Chase That Feeling Hilltop Hoods – Super Official Hilltop Hoods – Still Standing Hilltop Hoods – Fifty In Five Hilltop Hoods – The Return Hilltop Hoods – The Light You Burned Hilltop Hoods – Last Confession Hilltop Hoods – Hillatoppa Hilltop Hoods … Continue reading Funkoars Top 10 for 2009 + Tour News

Funkoars sign with Golden Era Records

Big news today for all aussie hip hop fans (see what we did there), with the release of not only The Hilltop Hoods deluxe editions (The Calling, The Hard Road and The Hard Road: Restrung), drop today but we also got the announcement that The Funkoars have officially signed on the dotted line with Golden Era Records. This is the first signing, that we know of to take place with Golden Era, and hails an exciting time for not only The Funkoars but also the Hilltops. The Oars were kind enough to send us a message regarding the latest news … Continue reading Funkoars sign with Golden Era Records

Funkoars – The Hangover Premium Edition

Some may have realised that it has been hard to find a copy of the Funkoars latest album the Hangover. It seems that their distro people had some problems. They guys have sorted out a new distro deal and it has been revealed that The Hangover Premium Edition is done and will hit shelves soon. The Hangover Premium Edition features a cool new track titled “Little Did I Know” featuring Ash Grunwald. You can check out the new cover for the album above. Also, swing past the Cover Of The Moment post we did regarding The Hangover cover here. Continue reading Funkoars – The Hangover Premium Edition


Here is a little post I will do every now and then called, Cover of the moment. Here, we will take a brief look at an album cover artwork that I feel has exceeded the norm or has pushed the boundaries for the greater good. Our first cover of the moment goes to……. The Funkoars with their album The Hangover. Whilst in Bendigo, I stumbled across an old edition of Playboy. The image struck me as somewhat familiar. Continuing on with their Playboy style artwork, The Funkoars creative team have captured gold on this one. Not only is this imagery … Continue reading COVER OF THE MOMENT….