Hottest 100 Of 20 Years: #4 Hilltop Hoods – The Nosebleed Section

Triple j recently held a “Hottest 100 Countdown” that allowed voters to choose their favourites from songs from the past 20 years of JJJ airplay. Held over two days the national countdown included artists such as Beastie Boys and more. With such a diverse list of national and international talent competing for placement in the 100 the Hilltop Hoods are incredibly proud that The Nosebleed Section secured the #4 place making them the highest placed Australian artist in the entire countdown. Hilltop Hoods would like to thank everyone for voting and for their continual support of a song that opened a lot … Continue reading Hottest 100 Of 20 Years: #4 Hilltop Hoods – The Nosebleed Section

allaussie Hip Hop Interview US emcee Okwerdz

You were born and raised in the US, tell us a bit about yourself and what kind of style you present through your hip hop? Im from Stockton California, been rapping since i was 17 or so. Honestly my music represents alot of different things, i am influenced by alot so i really try to encompass everything. I’m still heavily involved in the freestyle scene, freestyling is how i started rapping in the first place so i will always be doing it and incorporating it in my live shows. Freestyle is truly one of my favorite parts of rapping. The … Continue reading allaussie Hip Hop Interview US emcee Okwerdz

Funkoars sign with Golden Era Records

Big news today for all aussie hip hop fans (see what we did there), with the release of not only The Hilltop Hoods deluxe editions (The Calling, The Hard Road and The Hard Road: Restrung), drop today but we also got the announcement that The Funkoars have officially signed on the dotted line with Golden Era Records. This is the first signing, that we know of to take place with Golden Era, and hails an exciting time for not only The Funkoars but also the Hilltops. The Oars were kind enough to send us a message regarding the latest news … Continue reading Funkoars sign with Golden Era Records

Levelheaded – The Spice Of Life Review

Levelheaded began making aussie hip hop during high school in the late nineties with a group of friends on a budget set-up in the Adelaide Hill. Most of the stuff thrown down consisted of drunken freestyles and scribbled down raps that never made it our of Debate’s parents house. In 2001, Levs and a few mates formed Train of Thought, In 2002 the  guys released a demo that sold over 500 copies and played shows with artist such as Hilltop Hoods, Hyjack & Torcha, Crossbred Mongrels, Pegz, Funkoars, After Hours, the list goes on. One of the early highlights Levs … Continue reading Levelheaded – The Spice Of Life Review