allaussie Hip Hop Interview US emcee Okwerdz

You were born and raised in the US, tell us a bit about yourself and what kind of style you present through your hip hop?
Im from Stockton California, been rapping since i was 17 or so. Honestly my music represents alot of different things, i am influenced by alot so i really try to encompass everything. I’m still heavily involved in the freestyle scene, freestyling is how i started rapping in the first place so i will always be doing it and incorporating it in my live shows. Freestyle is truly one of my favorite parts of rapping.

The Source Magazine, honored you with the coveted “Unsigned Hype” award (same honor bestowed to legends such as Notorious B.I.G., DMX, Eminem) in March 2009. What was that like?
It was a crazy honor to me because I obviously grew up reading the Source magazine as a kid and Unsigned Hype was always something I wanted to get so it was dope to actually achieve that.

So what’s been keeping you busy lately?
I just dropped 2 compilations (Fresh Coast Non-Perishables vol 1-2) and a Mixtape (The Off Season) both available on Itunes and Now that those are out of the way I am working on the album now, should be fully produced by Hallway Productionz. They have been doing alot of Ice Cube and WC’s beats and various other shit for E-40, The Game, etc. And did I mention they are from ALSO from Stockton? cheaaa! haha

On The Off Season Mixtape you hooked up with a few international guest, from your perspective, UK emcee Mystro and also The Hilltop Hoods. How did this track come about?

I think it was maybe the 2nd time I was in Australia, for like a month, I was really getting into Australian Hip Hop and everyone was just telling me how awesome the Hilltop Hoods were and naturally when I heard The Calling and The Hard Road I loved it. Luckily we had a mutual friend and they had known about me as well so we linked up on there album. When I came out to the Hoods concert  with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, that’s when I met Mystro and we recorded the joint “Do Not”, the rest is history haha

What are your perceptions of hip hop in Australia?
Australia has always had a very hungry, open minded, and welcoming scene with bunch of really dope artists as well as a super flourishing battle scene. Its always a breath of fresh air everytime I come back, cannot wait till next time. for real.

Are we going to see you in Australia anytime soon?
You may see me in Australia sooner than you think! I cant really give out any details at the moment however but keep a look out!

You can grab The Off Season Mixtape featuring the Hilltop Hoods and Mystro track “Do Not” here via iTunes.