Bigger Than Hip Hop Radio Show – Interview Preview With Suffa MC

Last week Paul from Bigger Than Hip Hop Radio Show spoke with Suffa MC from the Hilltop Hoods, this all went down during their tour of Canada just as they cool off from doing interviews for a while. Here’s some of what the guys had to say.

Paul: Whereabouts are you guys at the moment?

Suffa: We’re at Calgary Airport in Alberta

Paul: Are you playing a couple of shows up there at the moment?

Suffa: Yeah we’ve just done six shows here, and we’ve got two left on our Canadian tour. We’ve got a big show in Ottawa tomorrow night (18th Feb) and Toronto on Friday night (19th) and then we come home.

Paul: Awesome. Now you’ve toured Germany, Korea, New Zealand and Canada where you are at the moment. How have the shows in Canada compared with other international shows?

Suffa: Outside of Australia, Germany and Canada are probably the strongest for us where we get the most heads along. This tour has been crazy, I mean we’ve nearly sold out this whole tour so it’s just been amazing for us. Loads and loads of people in Canada. Xpats as well, [Festival in Toronto] we always get our Xpats along the way! This tour’s had a shitload of Canadians which is nice.

Paul: Awesome. So do you get distribution over there now? How do they hear about the Hilltop Hoods?

Suffa: Yeah we’ve actually got a release for State of The Art in Australia, Switzerland, Germany and Canada, so it’s actually the first time we’ve had a release outside of Australia, so it’s great.

Paul: You guys have started their own label Golden Era Records and you’ve just added The Funkoars to your roster. Are you looking to sign any more artists soon?
Suffa: Yeah Briggs will be on there as well and Vents will be putting out a record with us and maybe other groups too, but it’s just going to be our family, our circle of friends putting out records on that label. It’s perfect for us and we just want to be collaborative under this one banner.

Paul: Now Suffa you do a lot of production for the Hilltop Hoods, how do you go about making a beat?

Suffa: Man we do a tonne of different ways! Where do you start. The software we use Logic Audio. It’s great to record and mix. As a suite for everything it’s perfect.

Paul: It comes with nine discs of samples doesn’t it?

Suffa: Yeah but you don’t F with those. You get your own drum sounds. In my opinion the best thing you can do as a producer is build your own sound library and that sort of gives you a cohesiveness. You know when you hear a 9th Wonder beat, you know it’s a 9th Wonder beat, or when you hear a Pete Rock beat, you know it’s a Pete Rock beat. It gives you your own signature when you build your own sound library.

Paul: Now you’re about to stop touring for a while, what will you be doing when you get back to Adelaide? And please don’t say retirement!
Suffa: Hahaha! No first thing I’m going to do is sleep for like four days and then we’re going to put a DVD together and hopefully get that out by the end of the year.

Paul: Wicked. Do you have a name for it?

Suffa: We’ve just got some ideas floating round our heads at the moment. We don’t want to do another live concert DVD for this one, we want to do something special. What that is at this stage we don’t know but we’ll be doing something different for sure.

Paul: Do you have any dates in mind for when you’ll start recording the next album with the Hilltop Hoods?
Suffa: Already working on it. We’ll be doing some recording in April and May in between working on the DVD. Probably be out late 2011 early 2012 at this stage.

Paul: Cool. Now every year you and the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) give an award and $10,000 to an up and coming Aussie hip hop artist. What’s your role in the program?
Suffa: Basically we go halves with APRA. They put in $5,000 we put in $5,000 and we choose the judges who will decide the winner of the initiative, but that’s about where our involvement ends, apart from promoting it.

Paul: Sounds like an awesome award.
Suffa: Exactly! And it’s not a hard application process. So any artists out there looking to get ten grand to put out a record should look into it.

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