Fluent Form – The Furnace Review

We take a look at one of the top releases from 2009, Fluent Form’s – The  Furnace. Released mid to late last year under Obese Distro, The Furnace caught a few people sleeping, including us. After selling out his independently released debut album, Chapters Of Substance, Fluent Form wasted no time in returning to the front lines with his sophomore LP. Across 14 tracks, Fluent continues to demonstrate his ability as a lyricist to combine concepts with complexity. To add to this release, Fluent has recruited a stellar line-up of guests including veterans Brad Strut and Ciecmate alongside Melbourne’s Mata N Must, 1/6, Maundz, Fatty Phew and crew members Raven and Geko. With a diverse range of production from Geko, Ciecmate, Doc Felix, Must, K21, Discourse and WIK, this is an album for the heads that like their hip hop genuine, honest and down to earth.

After our first listen we couldn’t wait to spin it again.

Fluent’s confidence has grown in leaps and bounds since debuting Chapters Of Substance. This time Fluent has pushed his mic skills even further. His complex rhyming structure, deep concepts, and overall flow are orchestrated faultlessly with the guys handling production.The dark ominous beats tie in flawlessly with Fluent’s boisterous rhyme style. The Furnace features some of the hardest hitting and ‘in your face’ tracks you’ll hear released from last year. That being said, Fluent doesn’t leave you feeling like he mimics the flow of someone yelling angrily in to a mic. The Furnace opens with an emcee on point and on fire. Insightful, personal and fierce tracks like Spit Surgeon, Every Step and Lead Pipe Languages come at you one after the other slapping you up side the head with plethora of blows. Fluent raps with truth, substance and with the composure of a veteran long in the game. You may or may not be put off by the way he spits, but his style is executed to perfection.

The album continues as it started, sinister venomous and broody beats, providing the ideal backdrop for Fluent Form to drag you through the dirty desolate back streets of Melbournes oppidan landscape. Just when you think it’s time to catch your breath, Fluent’s joined on the track Loco Motive with Geelongs Fatty Phew and the ever exciting Maundz. All 3 emcees are murderous on this track, with WIK dropping an absolute pearler on production. Take Notice featuring Brad Strut and Ciecmate, has proven to be a fan favourite. While it’s not one of our highlights, Brad Strut and Ciecmate always deliver the goods, with Fluents offering in his own words “perfect penmanship”.

As we round out the album Doc Felix jumps on the beat with an amazing horn arrangement for the track Authorized. This is a prime example of Fluents versatility on the mic and illustrates his diverse ability. It seems that the guys over at Crate Cartel have the golden touch and  it’s  no exception with The Furnace.  All in all the album delivers and stands up as one of 2009 best. The Furnaces grimy sounds, hard-hitting lyrics and impeccable guest feature list will keep most hungry for more while still offering a solid dynamic throughout. The album cuts through all the bullshit and delivers some straight up hip hop. If you haven’t got you hands on a copy of this and you’re looking to grab an album from 2009, this must be the one. The Furnace truly is pumping out the heat.

We rate this album a very strong 4.6 out of 5.