Monster House – Hunter and DJ Vame – COMING SOON

Will be in shops and iTunes this week, running late.

In 2008, old school Australian hip hop legend, DJ Vame (Def Wish Cast, Cannibal Tribe) emailed another Australian Hip Hop legend Hunter, from Western Australia’s Syllabolix Crew, (Drapht, Downsyde, Layla, Clandestien, and Matty B) and offered him some beats.
Hunter liked the beats so much; he immediately asked Vame if he would be interested in doing a project, collaboration, or even an album together.

Vame, who had been putting together a collection of mad slamming beats, and really only letting them out to a certain few, jumped at the chance to get busy again.
During this project, the two of them never met face to face, or even stood in the same state! Relying on USB sticks, emails and phone calls, Hunter and Vame have put together an album of such ferocity, that you would swear the devil himself was making the beats and writing the lyrics!
Hence the name, Monster House!
Distributed by Obese Records and available at JB Hifi.