Mata & Must + Rezadent – Dual Album Launch

QLD heads are in for a treat when Mata & Must team up with with Rezadent, for an all out dual album launch, featuring some of QLD’s finest in support. Continue reading to get the full low down on this big night.

Mata & Must (Paradox of Minds)
In 2003 Mata & Must released their first EP on their own imprint established out of necessity. Six years on with an ever growing fan base, Melbourne label Pang Productions are celebrating their tenth release with Mata & Must’s
long awaited debut full length album Paradox Of Minds. Leading up to the release of their 12” in 2008, the duo built their solid reputation based on a strong presence on live mics, features and production credits on a string of releases, and street level word of mouth.

Lovingly crafted almost entirely from vinyl, this is an album that pays attention to detail. Get ready for harpsichords, violins, harps, rim shots, dialogue from obscure records and bass that goes boom. From up tempo head bangers like The Name Rings A Bell and Who The Fuck, to more experimental flows on grimy down tempo rhythms like A Dollar Short and Labour and Love, the pair serve up their heavy content on slamming production track after track.
With a fierce DIY attitude and a general distaste of the glamour surrounding today’s hip-hop culture, Mata & Must are undeniably two of Melbourne’s hardest workers.

As usual Mata & Must make no attempt to get a leg up or ride on anyone’s back. With no guest emcees, this album shines as an eloquently told David vs Goliath tale of the music industry. Breaking down the scene’s glossy façade it provides an insight into the realities of independent Hip Hop in Australia and the industry surrounding it.

Rezadent (The Intercepting Fist)
Performing and recording since 2002, Brisbane emcee and producer Rezadent the Intercepting Fist (aka Boss Lungs) has appeared on over 15 local and nationally released mixtapes, compilations and albums.
Having recently featured on the Kings Konekted street album titled Trails to The Underlair under Coordinates alias Boss Lungs; Rezadent is currently assisting them on stage with back up vocal duties whilst also showcasing some of his own solo material. Rezadent has been performing with Konekted for a number of years and has had the opportunity to do support for such international acts as R.A the Rugged Man, Necro, Planet Asia and Yungun as well as supports for Australian acts such as Pegz and Brad Strut.

Since 2006, Rezadent has been working on a solo project titled The Intercepting Fist. The title, which is also Rezadents alias, is a concept album with a sole purpose to intercept.  Whether it’s intercepting a train of thought, an issue in society or even superficial emcees, the intercepting fist pulls no punches.  Drawing inspiration from Bruce Lees philosophy and fighting system Jeet Kune Do (The Way of the Intercepting Fist) Rezadent aims to not only entertain, but to challenge.  Rezadent handles most of the production on the album while Sammsonite from The Optimen/ Red Tape Entertainment engineered the majority of the project and assisted with additional production on many of the tracks.  Meek Starkiller of Fortune (Storm Troop) also comes through producing two tracks while guest emcees Kings Konekted, Risky Living and Ill Clinton deliver memorable verses that compliment the theme.
Rezadent has an energetic live show and a presence on the mic that makes him a stand out amongst the crowd.  After years of staying patient and crafting his skills he is now ready to emerge and cement his name within the hip hop community.

With Special Guests:
Eloquence and Truths
DJ Butcher
Risky Livin
Mark 1

Jubilee Hotel, 470 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley
April 17th, Doors 8pm – $10 Entry

Who The Fuck – Mata and Must