Coven Of The Incognito Natural Selection out now

Adelaide based Hip Hop artists Realizm & Everyday have joined forces in a full length collaborative effort titled Natural Forces under the collective name Coven Of The Incognito. The two artists have featured together previously on the solo debut by Everyday titled Equality and the two have since worked together by releasing the Eyes Never Close/Money Trees Split 7″ Vinyl. This will mark the first time they have worked on an album together. Natural Selection is a 12 track release which sees Realizm holding down production as well as mixing, with guest verses by K21, Matchless Gift, Sinks, Castro The Savage and Rezadent, Sinks … Continue reading Coven Of The Incognito Natural Selection out now

Rezadent & Phirious – Spiritual Kung Fu

Performing and recording since 2002, Brisbane emcee and producer Rezadent has appeared on over 17 local and nationally released mixtapes, compilations and albums. Rezadent is also a member of the Change The Tape collective. Having completed his full length debut album in 2009 titled The Intercepting Fist, he has also featured on such releases as the Crate Creeps – It’s About That Time and Kings Konekteds – Trails To The Underlair. With years of doing live shows with his crew and other artists around the Brisbane/ Gold Coast area, Rezadent has supported many acts such as Dilated Peoples/ Expansion Team, Yungun, … Continue reading Rezadent & Phirious – Spiritual Kung Fu

Manic X – The Diagnosis

Change The Tape is proud to announce the release of the debut album from Manic X titled The Diagnosis, a ride through the world of mental health and raw hip hop. Teaming up on this project are Rezadent and ILL Clinton. The Diagnosis is produced, recorded and engineered by Man At Arms Productions, with additional production by Sammsonite. Change The Tape is a collective of Hip Hop artists with members contributing from Australia to the U.K consisting of Rezadent, Dsipl, Ill Clinton, Meek Starkiller and The Praying Mantis. The Diagnosis, a name your price download features Mistery of Brethren, The Elect … Continue reading Manic X – The Diagnosis

Big Noise – Dazed Benefit Show

Dazed is a producer/emcee and DJ for Down for The Count Records. He has just received the news that due to his high involvement with music throughout his life that his ears have given up and he will have to get nerve surgery and wear hearing aids for the rest of his life. He has been a long time supporter and contributor to the Hip Hop scene in Canberra, Sydney and now Melbourne and is highly respected throughout and has worked with many artists. The local hip hop scene has put forward some of it’s finest to do a benefit … Continue reading Big Noise – Dazed Benefit Show

Dazed – Hearing Not Listening

“And I don’t need more to blind me; my vision’s so unsightly, I’m sick of all the bullshit; it’s time to go out fighting.” Hearing Not Listening is the latest solo release from DFTC producer, DJ and MC, Dazed, dropping on 12″ vinyl, CD, and digital format on August 29, 2012. The album reveals a reflective honesty often lost in today’s bipolar and fragmented local scene. A true head dedicated to pure, hard hitting hip hop, Dazed delivers stories of his past with raw sincerity, straight up battle raps with support from a range of guests and original sounds that don’t … Continue reading Dazed – Hearing Not Listening

Aslan Presentz… Co-Offenderz Twelve Jewelz A.U.S.

Founder of Twelve Jewelz Productions and The Horns of Jericho Soundsystem. UK based Emcee/Producer Aslan has been creating music & performing for well over a decade at home and abroad cementing himself as both an innovative lyricist and solid beat maker. Heavily influenced by the sounds he heard growing up when he would borrow his parents vinyls/cassetes which he descibes as “…a mix of everything from reggae, classic soul, rnb and motown to rock, house, dub, and early hipn hop”. By age 10 he started to build his own collection of music, the 1st CD being Ice Cubes “Amerikkkas Most Wanted”, he … Continue reading Aslan Presentz… Co-Offenderz Twelve Jewelz A.U.S.

Crate Creeps – Its About That Time Sampler – July 9th

Crate Creeps – Its About That Time out through Born Fresh Records July 9th featuring: Suffa MC (Hilltop Hoods), Trials (The Funkoars), Pure Product, Mantra, Tommy Illfigga, DJ Adfu, Rhyme Asylum (UK), Mata n Must, The Optimen, Kings Koneted, Rezadent, Verbal Kent (Chicago), Terntable Jediz, Thundamentals, Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Robby Balboa & Haunts (Choose Mics), Clinic & Proclaim (The Archetypes), Pie Emc3e, Adverse, Ill-legitamate Crew (Canada), Yuin Huzami (The Coalition Crew) & Rainman. BAM! Continue reading Crate Creeps – Its About That Time Sampler – July 9th

The Crate Creeps – Its About That Time – July 9th 2010 Release – Guestlist finally announced!

All tracks mixed by Crate Creeps at The Bloody Abbetoir All vocals recorded at The Bloody Abbetoir unless stated All cuts by DJ Butcher unless stated Mastered by Ricardo Guiterrez at the Grandmasters NYC Distributed By MGM Track Listing: 1. Introduction Ft. Suffa MC (Hilltop Hoods) Produced by Crate Creeps Vocals recorded by Suffa 2. Time Trials Ft. Trials (The Funkoars) Produced by Dj Butcher Vocals mixed and recorded by Dj Adfu at Sniper Spot Studios 3. Walk On By Ft. Pure Product Written by Fourth Degree, Marvel and Tendancee Produced by Tommy Illfigga Bass by Max Voltage 4. Jeans … Continue reading The Crate Creeps – Its About That Time – July 9th 2010 Release – Guestlist finally announced!

Undertow – Minds Believing Tour

Foreign Dub presents Undertow in his East Coast Minds Believing album launch tour. Undertow will be joined by DJ Maniak for the tour plus Flawlezz and Rukus Crew. Full dates are listed below. Brisbane – Stepp Inn May 14, Rezadent, Flawlezz, Rukus Crew, Risky Livin. Gold Coast – Shark Bar May 15, Double album launch with Rezadent. Flawlezz, Rukus Crew, Ripe Crew, Caughts/Askerbars/Btrail, Nighstalker. Byron Bay – Budda Bar May 21, Davedog (Resin Dogs), Flawlezz, Rukus Crew, Azoz, Kasper, Hauser. Melbourne – Miss Libertines May 28 – Rezadent, Dazed and Flawlezz, Rukus Crew, JP and Bogues. Sydeney Secret Warehouse Location … Continue reading Undertow – Minds Believing Tour

Mata & Must + Rezadent – Dual Album Launch

QLD heads are in for a treat when Mata & Must team up with with Rezadent, for an all out dual album launch, featuring some of QLD’s finest in support. Continue reading to get the full low down on this big night. Mata & Must (Paradox of Minds) In 2003 Mata & Must released their first EP on their own imprint established out of necessity. Six years on with an ever growing fan base, Melbourne label Pang Productions are celebrating their tenth release with Mata & Must’s long awaited debut full length album Paradox Of Minds. Leading up to the … Continue reading Mata & Must + Rezadent – Dual Album Launch

Crate Creeps (DJ Butcher & Tommy Illfigga) Video

DJ Butcher & Tommy Illfigga bring us a new sneak peek look at the latest Crate Creeps happenings with a vid posted on YouTube recently. The new album will feature artists from around the world including, Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Rhyme Asylum, Mantra (Aus), Trials (Funkoars), Pure Product, Mata & Must, Pagen Elypsis, Rainman & Yuin Huzami, Eloquence and Truths, Clinic & Proclaim, Kings Konnekted, Rezadent and The Optimen. This album will be massive, both these guys are hugely talented, so expect some good things. Continue reading Crate Creeps (DJ Butcher & Tommy Illfigga) Video