The Crate Creeps – Its About That Time – July 9th 2010 Release – Guestlist finally announced!

All tracks mixed by Crate Creeps at The Bloody Abbetoir
All vocals recorded at The Bloody Abbetoir unless stated
All cuts by DJ Butcher unless stated
Mastered by Ricardo Guiterrez at the Grandmasters NYC
Distributed By MGM

Track Listing:
1. Introduction

Ft. Suffa MC (Hilltop Hoods)
Produced by Crate Creeps
Vocals recorded by Suffa

2. Time Trials
Ft. Trials (The Funkoars)
Produced by Dj Butcher
Vocals mixed and recorded by Dj Adfu at Sniper Spot Studios

3. Walk On By
Ft. Pure Product
Written by Fourth Degree, Marvel and Tendancee
Produced by Tommy Illfigga
Bass by Max Voltage

4. Jeans Tees and Sneakers Rap

Ft. Eloquence and Truths
Produced by Dj Butcher

5. Save Your Breath
Ft. Mantra,Tommy Illfigga & Dj Adfu
Produced by Tommy Illfigga
Recorded by Fluid and Dj Butcher
Vocals mixed and cuts by Dj Adfu

6. Divine Right Of Kings
Ft. Rhyme Asylum (UK)
Performed by Possessed, Psiklone and Skirmish.
Produced by Dj Butcher

7. As The Clock Ticks
Ft. Mata n Must
Produced by Tommy Illfigga
Recorded by Pang Productions

8. Loop The Tape Up
Ft. The Optimen
Written by Sammsonite, K-west, Datsun
Produced by Tommy Illfigga
Vocals recorded and mixed by Sammsonite at Space Ghost studios
For Red Tape

9. Where Do I Begin
Ft. Tommy Illfigga
Chorus vocals sung by Kel on Earth and recorded by TigerMoth
Produced by Dj Butcher

10. Terrorist Medley
Ft. Kings Konekted and Rezadent
Written by Culprit, Rezadent and Dontez
Produced by Tommy Illfigga
Recorded by Rezadent at the Spot Youth Centre

11. Still Gettin Mine
Ft. Verbal Kent (Chicago)
Produced by Dj Butcher

12. Make The Cut (Interlude)
Performed and produced by Dj Butcher

13. Make Mine
Ft. Thudamentals
Written by Jeswon and Tucka
Produced by Tommy Illfigga

14. It’s About That Time
Ft. Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) and Clinic n Proclaim (The Archetypes)
Produced by Dj Butcher

15. Brain is on Vexed
Ft. Pie emc3e
Produced by Tommy Illfigga

16. The Bad men
Ft Robby Balboa and Haunts (Choose Mics)
Produced by Dj Butcher
Additional vocals recorded by Mules n Haunts

17. Move Hesitant
Ft. Adverse
Produced by Tommy Illfigga

18. Illegit
Ft. Illegitimate (CAN, AUS)
Performed by Anonymouz, P-Butta, Chronic Sythe, Copasetic
Produced by Dj Butcher
Recorded all over the shop.

19. Writers
Ft. Yuin Huzami (Coalition Crew) and Rainman
Produced by Tommy Illfigga

Born Fresh Profile
July 9 is when the party starts.

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