Rhyme Asylum – Solitary Confinement (Feat. Prod. By DJ Butcher)

Rhyme Asylum are a Hip-Hop group hailing from London, United Kingdom comprising of music artists:  Possessed, Psiklone & Skirmish. ‘RA’ are focused on bringing back classic “Boom Bap” hip-hop, accompanied by thought provoking, vivid lyricism.
The group’s most recent self-released project Solitary Confinement released April 23rd and features Ill Bill, Crooked I, Reain and DarkStar.  Plus heavyweight production from all over the globe from: Engineer, Al’Tarba, The Returners, Chemo, Hirolla, Profound, DJ Butcher, Think and Ill Fated.

The album art features photography from the incredibly talented RomanyWG.  The photographer/Urbexer (Urban Explorer) produces phenomenal images in abandoned buildings across the world.  During the album photo shoot, he captured shots of the group members inside a real, abandoned padded cell!

Like many other hip-hop outfits across the world, Rhyme Asylum are currently a totally independent venture. Aside from its obvious asylum-themed connotations, the title: Solitary Confinement was intended as a metaphor for their independent, unsigned status. The group wanted to raise awareness of the difficulty of financing and self-releasing a project; emphasizing the importance of a loyal and supportive fan base.  For without it there is no way the music can continue to grow…

Follow the link here to buy the Physical or digital versions of the release.

Rhyme Asylum webpage.

Track Listing:
01.    Solitary Confinement [4:32]
02.    For the Hate [4:38]
03.    This is Where [3:42]
04.    Divine Right of Kings [3:51]
05.    Next Level [4:05]
06.    Event Horizon feat. Crooked I [5:13]
07.    Axe of Violence [2:39]
08.    I Know [5:30]
09.    Strange Deranged feat. Reain [3:34]
10.    The ‘N Word’ [2:05]
11.    The Art of Raw [3:41]
12.    Returmination [3:58]
13.    Who Goes There [4:11]
14.    Don’t Wanna Be [4:02]
15.    Straight Jacket Immortals [3:45]
16.    Broken Window [4:59]
17.    Open Mic Surgery feat. DarkStar & Ill Bill [4:14]
18.    Life Support [3:51]

Production Credits:

Tracks 1 & 11 Produced By: Think
Tracks 5 & 9 Produced By: Al’Tarba
Tracks 4 Produced By: DJ Butcher
Track 7 Produced By: Profound
Track 12 Produced By: The Returners
Track 14 Produced By: Hirolla
Track 15 Produced By: Chemo
Track 18 Produced By: Ill Fated
Tracks 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16 & 17  Produced By: Engineer

Arranged By: Psiklone & Chemo
Cuts by: Psiklone
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By: Chemo @ Kilamanjaro Studios

Rhyme Asylum – Divine Right of Kings – Prod by BJ Butcher (Crate Creeps)