Tornts – The Deadbrain Diaries (Sept. 3)

Staggering out of the radioactive fog that tolls the end for the rotten city crumbling behind comes Tornts, the shuffle of dead feet the only sound in this blasted landscape. The Deadbrain Diaries charts the final, terminal years of a tumoured city. The last, brief flares of light spark from amber glass to sharp steel and rough paper. Tornts has unleashed a furious tirade, raging against the indifference of the bone grinding machine and the piss stained nightmares on every street corner. This is the staggering power of the Tornts juggernaut at full throttle. As one of the leaders of … Continue reading Tornts – The Deadbrain Diaries (Sept. 3)

Rhyme Asylum – Solitary Confinement (Feat. Prod. By DJ Butcher)

Rhyme Asylum are a Hip-Hop group hailing from London, United Kingdom comprising of music artists:  Possessed, Psiklone & Skirmish. ‘RA’ are focused on bringing back classic “Boom Bap” hip-hop, accompanied by thought provoking, vivid lyricism. The group’s most recent self-released project Solitary Confinement released April 23rd and features Ill Bill, Crooked I, Reain and DarkStar.  Plus heavyweight production from all over the globe from: Engineer, Al’Tarba, The Returners, Chemo, Hirolla, Profound, DJ Butcher, Think and Ill Fated. The album art features photography from the incredibly talented RomanyWG.  The photographer/Urbexer (Urban Explorer) produces phenomenal images in abandoned buildings across the world.  … Continue reading Rhyme Asylum – Solitary Confinement (Feat. Prod. By DJ Butcher)


Fallout Shelter is the new EP from Melbourne-bred, North London-based Brad Strut. In a radical departure from his acclaimed 2007 sophomore Legend: Official, the core member of Australia’s Lyrical Commission has crafted a stunning narrative that runs through six hard hitting tracks by Beat Butcha . Brad Strut has kindly given out a lyrics booklet for the tracks off Fallout Shelter EP. You can grab a copy over here, be sure to print yours out. The lyrics booklet is a cool little addition to this release and we’d like to see more of it. We then have the Rejuvination LP. … Continue reading BRAD STRUT – EP & LP