Fallout Shelter is the new EP from Melbourne-bred, North London-based Brad Strut. In a radical departure from his acclaimed 2007 sophomore Legend: Official, the core member of Australia’s Lyrical Commission has crafted a stunning narrative that runs through six hard hitting tracks by Beat Butcha . Brad Strut has kindly given out a lyrics booklet for the tracks off Fallout Shelter EP. You can grab a copy over here, be sure to print yours out. The lyrics booklet is a cool little addition to this release and we’d like to see more of it.

We then have the Rejuvination LP. This release finds Strut reaching out to the leading producers from Australia and the UK: M-Phazes, Trials of Funkoars, Simplex of Terra Firma, Chemo, Beat Butcha, Ciecmate of Hospice Crew, Tornts, Dazastah of Downsyde, Mortar of Clandestien, Dontez of KingsKonekted, Methodz, The Last Skeptik and Jehst.

You can find out more information on the EP and LP over at

Download a free Mp3 of N16 here.

Fallout Shelter – CD
1 Hello To Goodbye
2 NO!
3 Blastin’ Em’
4 New Dawn
5 Believe
6 Looking At You
7. Hello To Goodbye – Instrumental
8. NO! – Instrumental
9. Blastin’ Em’ – Instrumental
10. New Dawn – Instrumental
11. Believe – Instrumental
12. Looking At You – Instrumental

Rejuvenation (Remix LP) – CD
1. Incite The Premises Ft. Trem (M-Phazes Remix)
2. Terrordome Ft. Outerspace & Trem (Trials Remix)
3. Demon Speaks (Simplex Remix)
4. Automatic (Chemo Remix)
5. It’s Official (Beat Butcha Remix)
6. What Gives Ft. Rhys Aka Diem (Ciecmate Remix)
7. The Ritual Ft. Tornts (Tornts Remix)
8. Question Ft. Tomohawk & Graphic (Dazastah Remix)
9. Beast On The Mic (Mortar Remix)
10. Bounty Hunterz Ft. Lyrical Commission (Dontez Remix)
11. Short Souls (Methodz Remix)
12. Never Ending Blue (The Last Skeptik Remix)
13. Last Omen (Jehst Remix)