Swarmy (Overproof) – Mixtape Downloads

Swarmy is noted as one of the fiercest emcees rolling around Sydney . If you’ve seen his live show, you can testify that Swarmy can rock a crowd, with backing from PSYKEone on the turntables and beat machines, get yourselves ready. Swarmy released a mixtape last year titled Fed Up But Still Hungry and he finally uploaded it to Soundclould for us. You can also download the mixtape direct from the link found below.

The link to download:
Swarmy – “Fed up but still hungry”

Swarmy is also a member of Overproof. Overproof consists of Fame, Abuse & Swarmy, 3 emcees from Sydney. Their Bad News mixtape, was released late 2006 as a precursor to their debut crew album The High Life. You can also pick that one up by following the link below.

The link to download:
Overproof – Bad News Mixtape