Simplex’s – Solo Joint

Emcee Simplex will drop his long-awaited solo joint on Obese this year. One of this country’s most talented (and under-rated) hip hop talents to grace this country. Simplex’s solo album is slated for a mid-year 2010 release. The album is pretty much a collection of tracks that Simplex has been working on for a few years now, ideas he had wanted to get out from inside his head and inside his computer. Simplex also admits that he is using a bunch of beats that span around eight years of production styles. He is trying to keep the album as varied as possible.

Simplex will spit on pretty much every track on the release, plus a few guest emcees featuring. No word yet on who these guys are, but we’re sure there will be some big name amongst it. Simplex has recently signed a deal with Obese Records, and has reveled that it is a two-album contract. So expect to see a lot from Simplex over the next 12 months. Fans of Terra Firma, have been put on notice that the Simplex album is going to be ‘kinda different’, but shouldn’t stray too far away from the sound they have.

For more info on Simplex head here.