AXIOM – Digi 12 Inch 01

AXIOM have just released the first in a series of FREE digital 12”, this one titled Digi 12 Inch 01. Here’s what they had to say about the concept behind the release. With a heavy heart, AXIOM recognise that vinyl culture is on its last legs but they hope that by releasing their tracks with accompanying instrumental and acapellas they are keeping the spirit of the old school 12″ record alive. You can check the preview for this release below and then download the full album from here. Tracklisting A SIDE 1. Sam 2. Sam Instrumental B SIDE 1. Devilish … Continue reading AXIOM – Digi 12 Inch 01

Ozi Batla – Wild Colonial (2010)

Here it people, for a very limited time we are streaming Ozi Batla’s long awaited debut solo album, Wild Colonial – out May 14 on Elefant Traks. There will also be a deluxe edition out with a second disc containing instrumental versions of each track (available via iTunes). Pre order your physical copy through JB Hi-Fi and you will receive a signed version of Wild Colonial, you can do that here. Mark down the release date today! At long last, Elefant Traks is pleased to introduce the debut solo record from Ozi Batla – Wild Colonial. The most personal record … Continue reading Ozi Batla – Wild Colonial (2010)

Phunnymoney – Cypher Round Vol.1 ; Droppin’ Shit

Phunnymoney is a Sydney based, born and breed beat maker with a lifelong passion for music, collecting rare records and finding those breaks that make it all worthwhile. Phunnymoney’s new CD: Cypher Round Vol.1 ; Droppin’ Shit is available now as a free digital. The CD has many elements that are typical of the style Phunnymoney is known for like heavy drums, deep booming bass with a warm analogue sound. Back in 1999 Phunnymoney was competing nationally as a battle DJ. Proving to himself and the Hip Hop Australian scene what he is capable of. Not only with his scratching, … Continue reading Phunnymoney – Cypher Round Vol.1 ; Droppin’ Shit

Torcha & B-Don – Frozen State LP (Out Today)

A work ethic unmatched, Sydney emcee Torcha teams up with producer B-Don for his third release in less than a year. Following new albums under the Hyjak & Torcha name along with the debut of his rock group A Broken Silence, Torcha & B-Don round out the trifecta with the new LP Frozen State, a hybrid hip hop album influenced by its elements of hard rock, classical, and chart topping tunes. Stay tuned for a full review of Frozen State, coming soon. Track listing: 01. On the Map 02. Road Rage 03. Internet Age 04. Waiting 05. Smoke Circles 06. … Continue reading Torcha & B-Don – Frozen State LP (Out Today)

Simplex’s – Solo Joint

Emcee Simplex will drop his long-awaited solo joint on Obese this year. One of this country’s most talented (and under-rated) hip hop talents to grace this country. Simplex’s solo album is slated for a mid-year 2010 release. The album is pretty much a collection of tracks that Simplex has been working on for a few years now, ideas he had wanted to get out from inside his head and inside his computer. Simplex also admits that he is using a bunch of beats that span around eight years of production styles. He is trying to keep the album as varied … Continue reading Simplex’s – Solo Joint