Ozi Batla – Wild Colonial (2010)

Here it people, for a very limited time we are streaming Ozi Batla’s long awaited debut solo album, Wild Colonial – out May 14 on Elefant Traks. There will also be a deluxe edition out with a second disc containing instrumental versions of each track (available via iTunes). Pre order your physical copy through JB Hi-Fi and you will receive a signed version of Wild Colonial, you can do that here. Mark down the release date today!

At long last, Elefant Traks is pleased to introduce the debut solo record from Ozi Batla – Wild Colonial. The most personal record of Ozi’s career sees him pick apart the pieces and put them back together over the course of 12 songs.

Padded with humour and honesty, Wild Colonial reveals the passions of love, life and hip hop culture; as well as loneliness, contradictions and a sense of purpose. Rich in imagery and reflection, songs like ‘Distant Shore’ where the “morning sun might save his life” achieve that rare feat in hip hop – to be truly moving.

Sandro has a crate digger’s aesthetic, previously having worked with the likes of Good Buddha and Def Wish Cast. His funk is back to the future; beautiful golden era hip hop with a psychedelic demeanour: the perfect setting for Ozi’s lyrics. DJ Bonez, one of the most highly revered DJs in Australia, has provided his trademark impeccable cuts, as exemplified on the first single Put it on Wax. A Beautifully packaged, Wild Colonial may be Ozi Batla’s best record in a career dotted with highlights.

This is the new video for the lead single Put It On Wax, taken from Ozi Batla’s forthcoming record Wild Colonial. The clip is directed by Prad Senanayake for Artifact.

You can check the recent interview we did with Ozi Batla regarding his new album Wild Colonial below.
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