Levelheaded: Update and free Spice Of Life download

Levelheaded has released his debut solo LP The Spice Of Life for a free download after facing massive distro problems. The closure of Amphead  late last year, saw him lose over 1000 CD’s and countless sales.
Levelheaded had this to say about the unfortunate situation:

What up crew, cheers to everyone that got into my latest venture, came out and supported the shows or partied with us over the last 6 months….
For those that don’t know…. I am a member of Adelaide group called Train Of Thought, but just dropped a solo LP last year. Here is the album for FREE….. Just click on the link on this page or head to LEVELHEADED.COM.AU for the album download with a PDF of all CD artwork and a bonus secret track.

‘The Spice of Life’ was release last July on Amphead distribution, who then folded in September 2009… Good choice for record label I know…. Anyway, after 2 months of frustrating phone calls and emails, us ‘artists’ were told that some big wigs in the company know as The Orchard out of New York decided to shut down the Australasian division of their record company (Amphead). I was sent an email the other day saying that there was basically fuck all chance of getting any money from physical and digital sales and to retrieve my cds (1000) from the warehouse, it would cost me $200 an hour for two workers to go down and look for them and there was no guarantee of finding anything….

Obese has picked up the distribution side of things which is awesome but for those who don’t buy music anymore……

Please download it and have a listen! It was a labor of love for 3 years spent driving back to Adelaide from where my job took me in the Riverland (Near Mildura) and it was a fucking big effort to make….
Cheers, and fuck the corporations….

If you dig the album after downloading it (as we did, allaussie hip hop review here), you can pick up hard copy versions at any place you get your usual Obese releases.