Levelheaded: Update and free Spice Of Life download

Levelheaded has released his debut solo LP The Spice Of Life for a free download after facing massive distro problems. The closure of Amphead  late last year, saw him lose over 1000 CD’s and countless sales. Levelheaded had this to say about the unfortunate situation: What up crew, cheers to everyone that got into my latest venture, came out and supported the shows or partied with us over the last 6 months…. For those that don’t know…. I am a member of Adelaide group called Train Of Thought, but just dropped a solo LP last year. Here is the album … Continue reading Levelheaded: Update and free Spice Of Life download

Levelheaded Promo Video for The Spice Of Life

With the closure of Amphead Distro late last year, our man Levelheaded had been left out in the cold. Levs has now decided to sell his CD The Spice Of Life through his website here. He has also dropped the price to a mere $10, which is crazy. If you haven’t already, check out the review we did recently here. This was easily one of the top albums for 2009, and for $10 it’s an absolute steal. The Spice Of Life features appearances form Trials, Eslev, Slats, Reason, Sydetrak, and Headlock plus and appearance by Adelaide heavy metal band 8th … Continue reading Levelheaded Promo Video for The Spice Of Life

MC Pressures Drunken Lamb Comp – Now Closed

Thanks go out to all of those who entered the MC Pressure’s Drunken Lamb comp. The response was overwhelming, and the competition is now closed. allaussie hip hop are now undertaking the huge task that it is, sorting through all of the entries and coming up with a decisive winner. The winner will take home, Levelheaded’s new release The Spice Of Life and also Horrorshows – Inside Story, they will also receive an allaussie hip hop pack; which includes some dope aussie hip hop posters and also the rare allaussie hip hop bumper sticker. Stay tuned next week as we … Continue reading MC Pressures Drunken Lamb Comp – Now Closed

Vote For JJJ Album Of The Year (aussie hip hop style)

Richard Kingsmill from Triple J will countdown the Top 10 albums of the year voted by you on the final ever ‘2009’ on December 13. He will also be going through his Top 10 album list and maybe contacting you to talk about the albums you’ve loved from this year. To vote all you have to do is submit you selection online via the website below. To make it easier for everyone out there we have narrowed the list down to as many  ‘aussie hip hop’  releases only. Please note Chasm and Vida Sunshyne’s release Move is incorrectly labeled as … Continue reading Vote For JJJ Album Of The Year (aussie hip hop style)

Levelheaded – The Spice Of Life Review

Levelheaded began making aussie hip hop during high school in the late nineties with a group of friends on a budget set-up in the Adelaide Hill. Most of the stuff thrown down consisted of drunken freestyles and scribbled down raps that never made it our of Debate’s parents house. In 2001, Levs and a few mates formed Train of Thought, In 2002 the  guys released a demo that sold over 500 copies and played shows with artist such as Hilltop Hoods, Hyjack & Torcha, Crossbred Mongrels, Pegz, Funkoars, After Hours, the list goes on. One of the early highlights Levs … Continue reading Levelheaded – The Spice Of Life Review

Cover Of The Moment

It’s time for another cover of the moment, and there have been a few considerations i.e. Seth Sentry’s EP, Levelheaded – The Spice Of Life and Bias B’ – Aerosol Era. As always, there can be only one winner, with Gully Platoon – The Great Divide pipping the others at the post. We got more then expected when we smashed through that plastic wrapper. Aprill77 brings us another stellar piece of work. The buyer of the CD is greeted with a super glossy cover. Upon opening the front side you  find another glossy print this time of Gully Platoon, you … Continue reading Cover Of The Moment

Level Headed – The Spice Of Life

Last night in the Riverland of South Australia, Level Headed lauched his first solo album, The Spice Of Life. Since leaving the group Train Of Thought in 2005, moving to teach physical education at Glossop High School, ensured that no music would be made for a while. The only rhymes that were spat over the next year or so were battles while on lunchtime yard duty with students, and a track made with a year ten student. Due to their common interest in education, Level Headed had a strong connection with Melbourne MC Reason. He appeared on his 2006 album … Continue reading Level Headed – The Spice Of Life