The Prefix – Choose Mics and Crate Creeps

To hold you over until you get the proper “fix” with the Choose Mics release Beggars Can’t Be Choosers and the Crate Creeps release Its About That Time, the guys have provided you with a “Prefix” for free!

Make sure you grab Choose Mics latest release Beggars Can’t Be Chooser’s, out now (early) through JB-HiFi, everywhere else April 9.
Let us tell you, Choose Mics latest offering is worth the coin, allaussie hip hop will be reviewing Beggars Can’t Be Chooser’s, expect that soon.

We will bring you more on the Crate Creeps –  It’s About That Time in the coming days. To check out a preview video on It’s About That Time view our previous post here.

The Prefix Tracklist:
01 Sleepy Hollow Feat. Bigfoot, The Heat And Buddha Bless (Prod. Crate Creeps)
02 Over It Feat. Choose Mics (Prod. Mules)
03 Written In Stone Feat. Eloquence And Tommy Ill (Prod. Crate Creeps)
04 Meditation Feat. Brisbane Allstars (Prod. Crate Creeps)
05 Feeding Time Feat. Choose Mics (Prod. Mules)
06 The Prefix Feat. Tommy Ill And Haunts Of Choose Mics (Prod. Crate Creeps)
07 Crunch Time Feat. Choose Mics And A-Diction (Prod. Mules)
08 Concrete Rap Feat. Choose Mics (Prod. Mules)
09 Eyes Grow Tired Feat. Scott Burns (Prod. Crate Creeps)
10 Get In Line Feat. Choose Mics (Prod. Mules)