Obese Distribution – Broken Tooth Entertainment

It seems that Obese Records has officially signed Broken Tooth Entertainment and it catalogure for national distribution. This is great news for artists and fans alike. Here is the official word from Obese:

Obese Records is proud to announce the signing of Broken Tooth Entertainment and its catalogue for national distribution. As one of Australia’s most loved hip hop labels, Broken Tooth Entertainment is home to the likes of Ceicmate, Newsense, Tornts, Bigfoot, and Hospice Crew – building a reputation as one of the hardest hitting hip hop labels in the country. Now joining the Obese family, Broken Tooth releases will be available both online and in retail stores in the coming weeks, including new and upcoming releases.
The following releases will be made available under the new Obese Records/Broken Tooth deal:

In retail/online:

BTE 666: Tornts – Hells Burn
BTE 014: Ciecmate & Newsense – Tale of Two Cities
BTE 011: Gargoyle – Saint Sinner
BTE 010: Billy Bunks – Spit & Gristle
BTE 008: Overproof – Highlife
BTE 007: Hospice – Visiting Hours
BTE 006: Tornts – Decimation Recordings

Online only:
BTE 008: Swarmy – The Appetizers LP
BTE 004: Ciecmate & Newsense – Speaking As One LP
BTE 003: Bigfoot – Footprints (12”)
BTE 002: Hospice – Stormwater
BTE 001: Tornts – Adding Insult to Injury

Retail only:
BTE 013: Ciecmate – Pre-Emptive Strike
BTE 012: Maggot Mouf – Maggots Anonymous