Adroit Effusive – The Album

Adelaide hip hop crew Adroit Effusive are set to release their long awaited debut album – The Album.

‘Australian Hip Hop group to watch out for’ J-Mag, 2009.

The time has finally arrived for the quintessential dysfunctional hip hop family, Adroit Effusive. After toiling in the depths of underground hip hop, honing their skills, paying more than their share of dues, going through as many setbacks as one group could go through and making some of the illest music that nearly didn’t see the light of day, Adroit Effusive are ready. After years of being posed the question, ‘Where is the album?’ The Album is here. Adroit Effusive are set to deliver their opus.

Born out of the Australian hip hop melting pot of Adelaide, Adroit Effusive bring something rare to Australian hip hop in both their composition and their repertoire. The unique 8-man band, who are all capable of standing on their own feet as solo artists, crew-up to create a smorgasbord of production sounds and lyrical concepts to engage and get the head nodding to The Album.

It is an eclectic tapestry of boom-bap beats conducted by Adroit Effusive’s five beat makers, a thorough collection of 19 songs by all seven lyricists and razor-sharp relevant cuts by a master turntablist.

The soundscape on The Album is an amalgamation of layered psych rock, blues, hard rock, funk, Latin acoustic, jazz and classical sounds, all with a hard-hitting hip hop character. Lyrically however, is where Adroit Effusive really stray from the herd. This crew of big characters do not hold back on expressing their diversity on The Album. From the conceptual posse tracks Chump Change and Five Days of Work, to the role-playing lyrical feasts Espionage, War and Suspects, to the storytelling of Crossroads and A Beer and Big Talk, to the B-boy anthems Understood by Few and In the Street, to the retrospective No Aim and Yin Yang, Adroit Effusive come into their own. The songs on The Album are a testament to the depth, breadth and talent of Adroit Effusive.

After previously releasing two vinyl-only EP’s plus side projects by Conseps and Patti, Common Cause and Red Whine Presents…, Adroit Effusive are ready to go. After featuring on countless other albums and sharing stages with numerous international and Australian acts over the better part of a decade, the time has come. Adroit Effusive members Blockade, Conseps, Patti, Bornski, Motion, Devious Dev, Beats and DJ Ad-Fu have created something that justifies their long-time dedication to hip hop music in Australia. A solid nineteen tracks (115 minutes) in length, The Album is a celebration of the struggles of Adroit Effusive and the colourful characters that make up Australia’s most under represented crew. Under represented that is until now, as The Album sees the light of day.

The Album is distributed independently and will be available in independent record stores Australia-wide + iTunes.

The Album is the first single off the upcoming Adroit Effusive album of the same name; The Album, dropping in April 2010 Australia Wide.
Cuts by DJ Ad-Fu. Lyrics by Beats, Conseps, Blockade, Bornski, Motion, Devious Dev and Patti. Produced by Ad-Fu.