M-Phazes/Triple J Unearthed MC comp

Emcees are you ready to spit some fire, download a beat and show the nation what you got? Triple J Unearthed is teaming up with internationally renowned hip hop producer M-Phazes to create a track with an exclusive M-Phazes beat, and an Triple J Unearthed emcees rhymes.
To enter, all you have to do is download the beat here and re-upload it with your rhymes on top. The best emcee as chosen by Triple J Hip Hop show host Hau Latukefu and M-Phazes will have the track properly produced by the man himself!
And if M-Phazes comes to your town on tour, you’ll get the opportunity to get up on stage and do your thing live.
So if you’re a Guru(R.I.P) with no Premier, an Eminem with no Dre, or a Muph with no Plutonic then this comp is for you! You just have to get your rhyme over the beat uploaded to the Triple J Uneartherd website by May 9th with ‘M-Phazes’ included in the name of your track.
You can find the full terms and conditions of entry at the Triple J Unearthed page here.

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