Oxcyde – The Aphorism EP

If you have a spare $12 bucks and want to check out some decent new cheap hip hop, latch on to emcee/producer and self proclaimed beer lover, Oxcyde (Oxide) presides in Melbourne originally moving from Tasmania to pursue his passion for music.

In Tasmania, Oxcyde started off his career breakdancing in early 2001 and began writing music in 2002 as well as music production with the help of Cejas in late 2005.
Oxcyde has inspired many upcoming Tasmanian artists and breakdancers, getting them into the scene.

Oxcyde has been a part of some big performances including b-boy demos and workshops at events like Streets Alive (2004 & 2006) and Festivale (2004). He also emceed with the likes of 3to2 and Cejas at Falls Festival in 2005 as the emceeing duo, Assentrix.

After the split of Assentrix, Oxcyde relocated from Tasmania to Melbourne in 2006 to make his passion and dreams in music come to life.

Oxcyde is presently working on his solo project, which is due for release in early 2010. Switching up his style, he is dropping a heavier and boomier sound with a touch of synth to give his tracks an electro flavour as an addition to the sound-buds in his new EP.

Purchase Oxcyde – The Aphorism EP here via Big Cartel.
Purchase Oxcyde – The Aphorism EP here via Soul Clap Records.