The Psyde Projects – Album launch

The Psyde Projects are currently working on their second LP, while they have a single ready for release as well as a 6-track EP. Basically, they’re pretty and busy. Impressed?
Late last year during October and November saw The Psyde Projects take their sound around Australia with a national tour to promote Welcome to Boomtown, their first full-length album which they independently funded and pressed onto vinyl. Now after a small break, Melbourne’s chief party rockers and purveyors of that ol ‘Golden Age’ hip hop sound are finally ready to launch their record in their hometown of Melbourne.
D’fro, Mr. Moonshine and iLResponce will be joined by three other acts on the night who need no introduction. Heavyweights Low Budget and rapper 1/6 will hold it down proper after the OMG’s open the night with their deep funk grooves. Vinyl and T-Shirts will be available plus CD prizes!!!
Need we say more?