The Psyde Projects It’s the Psyde

‘It’s the Psyde’ is the peppy new single from Melbourne based hip hop trio The Psyde Projects. Taken from Part 2 of their third album, entitled Classic Stellar Overdrive, the new track heralds the release of Classic Stellar Overdrive: Part 2 on the 4th of June 2015. ILResponce and D’Fro rip braggadocio raps over a sonic landscape of a expertly timed cuts and scratches. With its walking bass line and vintage guitar loops layered over a classic boom bap beat, ‘It’s the Psyde’ stays true to that classic ’90’s hip hop sound. Single release date: 15.05.2015 Album title: Classic Stellar … Continue reading The Psyde Projects It’s the Psyde

Tom Showtime ‘Life is Funky’ feat. D’Fro

Good funk tracks are hard to come by these days, but Melbourne based producer and multi-instrumentalist Tom Showtime has nailed it with his new track ‘Life is Funky’ featuring D’Fro (The Psyde Projects). ‘Life is Funky’ features vintage funk loops, syncopated horns, and a grooving baseline. With a 90’s flow reminiscent of The Roots, D’Fro’s slick raps speak on getting stuck in a rut, in a life funk. “This track is a ‘tip of the hat’ to the golden era with a funk break, big beats, horn stabs and that 90s style rapping.” – Tom Showtime Currently working on an … Continue reading Tom Showtime ‘Life is Funky’ feat. D’Fro

Skomes Mindloops Ona Heartbeat

Skomes is a Melbourne based beat-maker, DJ and vinyl enthusiast. Thanks to his music loving parents and his own love of digging, he was brought up on classic hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, psychedelic rock, punk, reggae, folk and world music. These influences are manifested in his sample heavy, stripped back beats, which range from sweet and soulful, to dark and menacing, to woozy, laid back and smoked out. Having provided production and remixes (under a variety of aliases) for Melbourne artists including Mantra, Cazeaux, O.S.L.O, In Good Company, The Psyde Projects and Tom Showtime among others. Having provided production and … Continue reading Skomes Mindloops Ona Heartbeat

The Psyde Projects – Album launch

The Psyde Projects are currently working on their second LP, while they have a single ready for release as well as a 6-track EP. Basically, they’re pretty and busy. Impressed?   Late last year during October and November saw The Psyde Projects take their sound around Australia with a national tour to promote Welcome to Boomtown, their first full-length album which they independently funded and pressed onto vinyl. Now after a small break, Melbourne’s chief party rockers and purveyors of that ol ‘Golden Age’ hip hop sound are finally ready to launch their record in their hometown of Melbourne.   … Continue reading The Psyde Projects – Album launch