The Psyde Projects It’s the Psyde

‘It’s the Psyde’ is the peppy new single from Melbourne based hip hop trio The Psyde Projects.

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Taken from Part 2 of their third album, entitled Classic Stellar Overdrive, the new track heralds the release of Classic Stellar Overdrive: Part 2 on the 4th of June 2015.

ILResponce and D’Fro rip braggadocio raps over a sonic landscape of a expertly timed cuts and scratches. With its walking bass line and vintage guitar loops layered over a classic boom bap beat, ‘It’s the Psyde’ stays true to that classic ’90’s hip hop sound.

Single release date: 15.05.2015
Album title: Classic Stellar Overdrive: Part 2
Album release date: 04.06.2015