360 Presents: “Pay Attention – The 21 & Under Mixtape

Calling all MC’s, singers or DJ’s who are 21 or under: 360 has decided to put together a free downloadable mixtape showcasing some young talent. 360 will host the mixtape and will also rap on a few songs. All you have to do is submit your music. Beats dont have to be original, you can rap/sing/do whatever-the-fuck over any instrumental you like. This won’t be sold so there are no legal issues involved.

Feel free to rap over your mate playing an acoustic guitar, whatever.. be creative.. all styles welcome.  360 won’t be choosing artists who do similar music to himself, he will be choosing from everything…..as long as its quality. Please note the better quality the recording,  the better chance you have of making the cut.

If you dont have access to a studio send the best you can do and the guys might be able to help out. 360 will choose from 10 – 15 songs. With the mixtape becoming available on my 360’s website. This is a great chance to get your music heard by all the important people.
Things you must include in your submission: An MP3 version of your song (you can submit maximum of 2 songs ONLY), stage name, age, where you come from, A small bio (a little bit about yourself)(if you have one) a website AND an email for people to contact you on.

All entries to be submitted to 360under21s@gmail.com by the 15th March 2011. Best of luck!
Find out more information here.