Theory Of Face – Demz Sqidz (Out Now)

Theory Of Face is the name of Trials (Funkoars) and DJ Ad-Fu’s (Adroitt Effusive)  psychedelic side project, born from their common love of stoner rock and spontaneity. Originally it started when the guys were playing guitar together for a laugh and it eventually spilt over into the studio.

“We’re still pretty much just stumbling our way through learning our instruments at the moment so everything you hear under that banner is the bastard child produced at each session, start to finish, wrap up in a day and hopefully capture the moisty magic type shit”. – Trials

The small record now available on itunes here and Reverbnation. Demz Sqidz sounds evil, full of feedback, panic, mania and we are not entirely sure what type of music it is but people are going crazy for it!!

Track Listing:
1. De Piyp
2. More Dangerous (Sqidz)
3. Hello Darkness (My Old Friend)
4. Frankie (Goes To Bollywood)
5. Face Is Back (To Kill)

Cover artwork done by none other then Sofles !