Red Bull Curates x HOME Nightclub

In the true spirit of ‘giving wings’ to people and ideas, Red Bull have teamed up with Ironlak and four of the best street artists in Australia, to give Sydney’s HOME nightclub a makeover. As of this past Sunday night, Lister, Shida, Vans the Omega and Sofles have been locked into the club. For five nights they will turn HOME into their temporary home, eating, sleeping, relaxing, living and painting the internal walls of the nightclub. HOME opened in November, 1998 in Darling Harbour, as Sydney’s first custom built ‘super club’. Almost 15 years on, the venue has seen better … Continue reading Red Bull Curates x HOME Nightclub

Watch: Ironlak Films

A lot has happened over the last two months; Ironlak have released their Retailer Product Information Video series which will help you to understand the product you’re supporting more thoroughly. All the serious stuff aside you’ll probably catch a glimpse of some Sofles and Vans The Omega in there also. Ironlak Films have again been busy on the cut delivering Croatian heavy hitter Sauce on a ‘day in the life’ and Bates shows us around his own personal ‘hall of fame’ in Malmö, Sweden. Meks takes the ‘family member focus’ this month. The guy has some of the most technical graffiti around … Continue reading Watch: Ironlak Films

Yuin Huzami – The Ripple Effect

This sophomore solo offering from the Coalition Crew’ MC/producer heralds his long-awaited return to the stage as one of Australia’s most promising independent MC/producer artists. Renowned for delivering healthy doses of deeply insightful and conscious lyricism over finely crafted, soulful Hip Hop bangers Yuin Huzami is back with The Ripple Effect. Yuni has been a part of the Australian hip hop scene since 1993 and has released 2 EP’s and 3 full length studio albums. Before making the switch to being a musician he was first a graffiti artists, and has since re-established himself as an internationally received aerosol muralist … Continue reading Yuin Huzami – The Ripple Effect

Young & Free – San Francisco

Some call Australia the ‘lucky country’, but we’ve always made our own fate. From a rebellious past we’ve forged an identity steeped in cunning ingenuity, creative discontent and unorthodox flair.  We’ve staged rebellions over rum, gained notoriety and won Nobels. We invented cask wine and Wi-Fi and we’ve won countless world titles. There may not be a lot of us, but we’ve always packed a punch. So it is no surprise that with nothing more than a can of paint and a glint in their eye Australians are taking the street art scene by storm. It’s time for the rest … Continue reading Young & Free – San Francisco

Theory Of Face – Demz Sqidz (Out Now)

Theory Of Face is the name of Trials (Funkoars) and DJ Ad-Fu’s (Adroitt Effusive)  psychedelic side project, born from their common love of stoner rock and spontaneity. Originally it started when the guys were playing guitar together for a laugh and it eventually spilt over into the studio. “We’re still pretty much just stumbling our way through learning our instruments at the moment so everything you hear under that banner is the bastard child produced at each session, start to finish, wrap up in a day and hopefully capture the moisty magic type shit”. – Trials The small record now available on … Continue reading Theory Of Face – Demz Sqidz (Out Now)

It’s all about the paint – Ironlak update

SOFLES | Adelaide exhibition recap. A couple of photos from Sofles’ solo exhibition at Bull N Bear in Adelaide last week + some black and white sketches. Photos thanks to Selina Miles. 1/6 | Ironlak freestyle @ Obese Records Store 1/6 Ironlak freestyle at Obese Records store (Melbourne). Another day at Obese Records with 1/6 dropping a freestyle about the colour range from Ironlak paint. Can you pick all the colours mentioned? Download the 1/6 mixtape here Continue reading It’s all about the paint – Ironlak update

Sofles Exhibition: Adelaide Oct 7

Ironlak and Bull and Bear are proud to present the South Australian debut of Russell Fenn aka Sofles, with a four-day exhibition in the heart of Adelaide city. Notorious graffiti figure. Prodigious talent. Sofles has been both reviled and embraced by the media over his ten-year career, which began as a graffiti artist in Brisbane, Australia. After a well-publicized conviction in 2009, Sofles burst onto the scene with various sold-out exhibitions, collaborations with artists such as Anthony Lister, Ben Frost and Revok, and contracts with the likes of Red Bull, Myer, Adidas, and Toohey’s. Returning from a tour of New … Continue reading Sofles Exhibition: Adelaide Oct 7