Sofles Exhibition: Adelaide Oct 7

Ironlak and Bull and Bear are proud to present the South Australian debut of Russell Fenn aka Sofles, with a four-day exhibition in the heart of Adelaide city.
Notorious graffiti figure. Prodigious talent. Sofles has been both reviled and embraced by the media over his ten-year career, which began as a graffiti artist in Brisbane, Australia. After a well-publicized conviction in 2009, Sofles burst onto the scene with various sold-out exhibitions, collaborations with artists such as Anthony Lister, Ben Frost and Revok, and contracts with the likes of Red Bull, Myer, Adidas, and Toohey’s.
Returning from a tour of New York and Los Angeles, Sofles has chosen Adelaide for his first interstate exhibit, with new works on canvas featuring his signature mash up of aerosol, acrylics and oils, rendering evocative imagery in explosive colour. The progression from graffiti to canvas was a natural one, explains Sofles.
“Not much has changed, really. I’m painting every day, using the same tools, applying the same techniques, to a different platform, with a different audience. The work is finer, more considered, but my graffiti influence has been really well received.”
Sofles imagery is wide and varied, with collages of mind-bending abstraction melting into intricate form, perfect snapshots of the artist’s wild imagination. Sofles’ ability to create depth and detail with aerosol is unmatched, and combined with his bold use of colour renders pieces so distinctive they have firmly set Sofles reputation as one of Australia’s most watched contemporary artists.
This not-to-be missed exhibition runs at the Bull & Bear bar and restaurant from 6pm Thursday October 7th until Sunday October 10th.
For more details, and to follow Sofles’ work please visit his webpage here.