Phatchance – Rappertag #34

Phatchance – Rapper Tag number thirty four. Shot on location at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney. Edited and directed by Alex Watts. Special thanks to Jon Reichardt, Alex Watts, Rob Di Marzo, Johnny Utah & Oxford Art Factory.

I heard somebody say rapper tag was dead;
I heard them say they should tag someone else instead,
Well I’m here to pay the morgue a visit,
Plus Fubex spat some real raw lyrics for a dude whose autistic,

So you should pay him due respect,
You act like animals, he’s a true vet you should wish the dude best,
So thanks for the tag man, I’ll catch you when I’m in Melbourne,
Come on band let me tell ’em,

When I next hear my name in some accapella battle,
By two guys I don’t care about, who probably could stare me down,
I still won’t give a shit, ’cause honestly their music;
Just aint as good as mine, no wonder why they’d look to fight,

Alot of forum monkey’s talked about my face paint,
But that puts me and brave heart in the same vein,
And if I wasn’t different, it wouldn’t be a game change,
Surfs up bitches, I was put here to make waves,

All I see’s the bulk of Ozhiphop,
Pretending like they forgot, just how good I really was,
On the sea’s another boat which I rocked,
They’re only getting pissed off cause they know I won’t be stopped,

Besides that; I am not the enemy,
I’m still independent, I’ve still got a message;
Have a look around, I don’t sell a million records,
Maybe you should point your guns at someone with defenses,

Make no mistake, don’t be sympathetic,
I’m just saying that we’ve got a lot in common if you get it,
I’m sorry if you don’t, but success is where I’m headed,
And that’s whether you’re with me, or against me

But forget that shit I’m about to go on tour,
So you should look me up since you’re by your computer,
“Hey, where’s your DJ?”, that’s what it’s been named;
I’m one click away check me out on your googlez

Or you might hate me cause I did this acoustic,
Might even tell your friends that I am a total loser,
Or you may be fan and insist that I’m the future,
I’m not really fussed either way cause the truth is,

That I’ve been down since I could be,
And put a whole lot of heart in it, respect those who started it,
So if you’ve got beef I don’t want a fucking part of it;
Just leave me be you’re only making me a martyr here,

I think I’ll tag one of the best of the lot,
You kids might even know him from the festival song,
So let’s get this whole thing back on track,
I said welcome to the renaissance of rapper tag.

Phatchance & Coptic Soldier ‘Hey where’s your DJ?’
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