Hau’s Version Excursion – ‘One’, ‘Two’ & ‘Three’ (Geko Instrumentals – The Crate Cartel)

For the fun & love of making music & paying homage.
Originals by Geko found on ‘The Crate Cartel’
Refixed by Hau

Download MP3 here.

(chorus one)
I’ve got my pen in hand and I’m writing for the life of me
Sometimes it’s like hide-n-seek, writing down what I can see
I got a blank piece of paper and vast vocab so…
Let’s see where it takes me (x3)

True penmanship, nothing could ever censor this…
mind state, don’t try mate, that could result in endless dentist trips
Or drips from the IV
Pen is hand and got the b*tch in a tight squeeze
Writing with the intent to hurt like a parking inspector
That’s just part of the repertoire
Fast as some zebras are dashing through dry grass
Passion for style & refusing to be type casted
B*astard way of thinking, when I’m linking the two
When you’re facing these bars like some chimps in a zoo
Please don’t feed the lion/ lyin’ cos only the truth is heard
The sign on the door says, “Do Disturb”, come on in…

(chorus one)

(verse two)
I knew the truth like the back of my hand
Made my way home, like you see the turtle’s tracks in the sand
Or like removalists packin’ a van, time to relo-
cate, mind state, kill the ego
What’s happening man? You chillin’? Heard they made the world a safer…
Place to be in since they killed that villain
Not sure how I’m feelin’ but I do know that killin’ is killin’
And there’s always loved ones illin’
Fillin’ in holes that are six-feet deep
Or just dump the body out in the sea
Yeah, it’s a grim world, lives controlled through Intel
But I’m in my own, so let the ink spill…

(chorus two)
Hey young world, what’s happening out there? Are you feeling good?
Put up a fist if you’ve felt better days than today
So tell me how you… gonna make it better?
This is the sound to… to get it together.
Get it together…

(verse three)
It ain’t nothin’ to knock that stuffin’…
Out of the beat. I don’t need weed to puff in-
Fact, I’m stone cold sober: Steve Austin
Run the rhythm like some Adidas Torsions
Cautions and warnings, calling the storm in
Here’s some rain and hail, nail the boards in
Thoughts in progress, no stress, no sweat
I already got what you don’t get
Yeah, I’m a pro, vet, old school king etcetera
Ahead of the class you can’t pass or enter the…
Percentile I’m in, I do it no problem
Cos I do it often
You wanna swim with the big fish? Get Your swimming tog then
Huegill, yeah, I blow my own bugle
Not talking ’bout drawings when I say, “you like to doodle”
Oodles and oodles of O’s, I got the ’91 flow…
Refixed for the 21st Century
Do a show, break a leg with no injury
Got a tendency to mention me often
Cos if I don’t, who will? So dude, chill
My track records like a news reel
Take the ‘land’ from the name, you’re left with ‘New Zeal…”
Causing an Urban Disturbance
Superb since I came through the curtains
Making the most of… So I learn from my mistakes
I just hope you’re as good as me when you’re this age…

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