Hunter & Mortar – Fear and Loathing (Out Today)

Two of Perths veteran MC’s from the mighty Syllabolix Crew combine to deliver probably the most outstanding foray into rap music in recent history. Never have two artists battled against such overwhelming odds and risen above all expectation, low as they may be, to shine like two beacons of hope in a world full of disappointment and blandness passed off as original music. They are to be held in the greatest of esteems and heralded as the second coming of rap. Ressurected Messianic figures who bring joy to the masses, wisdom to the unenlightened, hope to the hopless and on occasion booze to the party, but dont count on it. In fact you can disregard the last statement. Or maybe not.  Hunter and Mortar bring you Fear and Loathing!

   1. Favourite Things
2. One Shot
3. Learning to Fly
4. It’s not Unusual
5. Take me Away
6. When I’m Drunk
7. One Toke
8. You do the Math
9. Fleedom
10. More Pills (ft. Flash One)
11. Hell and Back (ft. Dazastah & Optamus)
12. Expecting to Fly
13. Love and Fear
14. Bat Country (ft. The Hilltop Hoods, Layla & Graphic)
15. Rock Tonight

Album Features: Hilltop Hoods, Layla, Graphic, Dazastah, Optamus, Flash One and cuts by Defyre.
Release Date: OUT NOW through Clandestien Productions and distributed by Obese Records.

Purchase Hunter & Mortar – Fear & Loathing here.