Hunter & Mortar – Fear and Loathing (Out Today)

Two of Perths veteran MC’s from the mighty Syllabolix Crew combine to deliver probably the most outstanding foray into rap music in recent history. Never have two artists battled against such overwhelming odds and risen above all expectation, low as they may be, to shine like two beacons of hope in a world full of disappointment and blandness passed off as original music. They are to be held in the greatest of esteems and heralded as the second coming of rap. Ressurected Messianic figures who bring joy to the masses, wisdom to the unenlightened, hope to the hopless and on … Continue reading Hunter & Mortar – Fear and Loathing (Out Today)

Hunter: The Documentary (Preview) + New track from ‘Fear & Loathing’ (May 6)

Robert Hunter was once know as the hard man of the local hip hop scene. Like rock stars in the past, hard drinking and drug taking went hand in hand with the music, and nobody went harder than Huntz. When Hunter was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2009, the last thing he expected was the huge outpouring of respect and support from the music scene he helped to build. Fans and big name artists alike rallied for the fundraising campaign Heat for Huntz, raising thousands of dollars for Hunter and his four year old son Marley.  Now aged 35 and … Continue reading Hunter: The Documentary (Preview) + New track from ‘Fear & Loathing’ (May 6)