Golden Era Records – NBA Promo Videos

If One HD could choose a house band then there is little doubt they’d look toAdelaide’s favourite sons the mighty, mighty Hilltop Hoods. No longer regarded as just trail blazing pioneers, the Hilltop Hoods now stand proudly as one of the top recording artists in the country.  Along the way they haven’t just broken stereotypes, they’ve smashed them to pieces with their uniquely Australian and fiercely independent brand of Hip Hop.

The Hoods have provided soundtracks to two of ONE’s campaigns (NBA 2009 & Winter 2009 IDS) where they used Still Standing and Chase That Feeling from their 1# Aria award winning and double platinum selling album State of the Art.  Now for the Commonwealth Games we turned to the Hoods back catalog to find Recapturing the Vibe Restrung and looked to Suffa to remix it and get it just right for us as the sound track to our games coverage. 

Commenting on the project Hilltop Hoods manager D. Liddy said “…ONE HD continually looks for innovative and creative ways to present music with their programming. When they approached us with the offer to have the Hoods music as soundtrack to their Games campaign we jumped on it…the sporting event is a great fit.” The Hoods have a history of film clips with strong story lines and they’ve now decided to take that one step further with the release of Parade of the Dead a zombie film!!!! 

 “In 2010 a virus spread throughout the world’s population killing millions and turning many survivors into mindless zombies.  Around the same time of these apocalyptic events the Hilltop Hoods were due to make a DVD for their Album State of the Art. As civilisation collapsed, people died in the streets, thousands starved the Hilltop Hoods were so self-involved they made their DVD anyway.” Parade Of The Dead is out now. The Hilltop Hoods now join AC/DC as the only Australian group to release on Blu Ray.