Hau’s Version Excursion – ‘Get In My Life’ (Original By Hermitude)

For the fun & love of making music & paying homage.
Original by Hermitude (http://www.elefanttraks.com)
Refixed by Hau

(verse one)
As soon as I heard the sirens
I looked for the nearest spot that I could hide in
Leapt over a fire hydrant to slide in…
Between a Merc’ and some white thing
They shone the light in, forced me to scatter like a cockraoch
They got close, I’m cooking under pressure like a pot roast
Blokes like me have got choked once caught
So that one thought alone makes me run towards..
This one door that’s half open, so I’m scopin’
Around to check if the coast is clear, here’s hopin’
Dashed for the doorway, heard a crash
I turned and saw two pigs; one with a mustache
The other with tatts and a toothpick
Latched onto my backpack before his shoes slipped
I squeezed through the opening
Into a lounge room full of startled people on the sofa when…
The pigs rush in, said “Hold it, ya black c*nt!”
C’mon man, I ain’t that dumb
Ran through the kitchen, slipped in some liquid, stumbled
Felt a swift kick in the ribs, made me crumble
Got to my feet, right hook to his chin
Sent him head first into the bread bin
Pig number two came through like a raged bull
Crash tackled me into the the dining table, sounding like…
Glass and plates flying everywhere
The pig dancing on my face like Fred Astaire
Shield my head before it gets mangled
Reached for a fork then stuck it in his f*ckin’ ankle
I got up, a head-butt sent him backwards
My 1, 2’s strong, laid him out like a futon mattress
Stopped to catch my breath
Til more pigs came, now it’s time to jet!

Feet don’t fail me now
I keep running, running…

(verse two)
Out the backdoor fast as Usain
Or Bruce Wayne out the Bat Cave, exhausting blue flames
Pigs close behind
I feel their breath on my neck, it’s time to kick into overdrive
Run down the alley, someone opens up their car door
I leap over using the wall like it was parkour
Made it to the main street, skipping through traffic
Nearly hit by a taxi
Over the hood, rolling off like a gymnast
Inches away from being permanently injured
Slightly winded, but I move like the wind did
Sprinted towards the subway, as I entered…
A cop shot up in the air, everybody hit the deck
Except me, I was outta there, down the stairs
Onto the platform, jumped a train
But when two cops came the train pulled off
I looked around the car
To see if there were any cops to round me up
Got me pacing, walking down and up
It’s looking like it’s sound as f*ck
So I crash on the seat, feeling safer
Thinking ’bout them c*nts and how they lumped my face up
Next station, I’m stepping off
But six pigs on the platform, shit, once again it’s on!


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