Big Village – Big Things Vol. 1

Big Village is an independent record label representing the new wave of Sydney’s finest Hip Hop artists. Tired of jostling for recognition as individual bands. Big Village artists came together to forge a joint identity and carve out new opportunitties on their own terms. Consisting of Daily Meds, Loose Change, True Vibenation, Reverse Polarities, Tuka, Ellequire and Jeswon, Big Village artists are dedicated to producing thought provoking and open-minded music that challenges the status quo.

The label was founded by the artists it represents: all members contribute their expertise to the running of the organisation. Wheather it’s event promotions, web design, social networking or gig bookings. Big Village is run by the artists for the people. 2010 was a huge first yeaer for Big Village, firmly establishing itself with strong releases by Tuka, Daily Meds and a free album from Loose Change. now, Big Village are kicking off 2011 with the label coompilation Big Things Volume One. The album is a collection of new and exclusive tracks from the label’s extensive roster. It is a sonic journey that showcases the lyrical prowss of the BV crew spitting over a collection of beats encompassing a wide range of genres, from traditional hip hop through to grime and dub. Big Village are proud to announce the release of our debut compilation album Big Things Volume One, featuring new and exclusive tracks from the entire BV line up: Daily Meds, Loose Change, True Vibenation, Tuka, Jeswon and Reverse Polarities.

Big Things Volume One is a brilliant introduction to the eclectic tastes and sounds that you can expect to hear from the Big Village camp, and shows a lot of promise and talent from what is a relatively young label. Ranging from classic 90’s inspired boom bap to future beat grime and dub-step textures, the release is a testament to the diversity and innovative thinking which characterises the BV roster. Big Village artists are fast gaining a strong reputation for their vibrant live shows, and with several solid releases already under its belt Big Things gives the listener a further look into the many different styles and voices that Big Village embodies. With no filler in sight, each track is a certified head nodder and signals a new and exciting wave of local hip hop artists ready to take the scene in new directions. If you’re curious about Big Village, then Big Things Volume One is the perfect chance to find out what all the fuss is about.

Be My Guest – the all in posse cut from Sydney record label Big Village compilation album Big Things Vol. 1. The track features the entire BV lineup. Lyrics (in order of appearance): Ellesquire, Kit-Complete, P. Smurf, Jeswon, Rapaport, Tenth Dan, Native Wit, Billie Rose, Mute MC, Verbaleyes, Tuka and Mikoen. Beat: Roleo Cuts: DJ Morgs Horns: Gabriel Clouston, Verbaleyes and Native Wit

Welcome to the village.

Track Listing
1. P Major & DJ Morgs – Intro
2. Tuka – Bonus Stage Feat. Tenth Dan
3. P. Smurf & DJ Morgs – YES
4. Loose Change – Secrets
5. True Vibenation – We Are
6. Daily Meds – SBS And ABC
7. Ellesquire – On The Prowl
8. Mute MC – Forever Breaks
9. Suburban Dark – Straight Edge Feat. Jeswon
10. Mikoen – Gift Of The Gab
11. Rapaport – Who’s That Dude?
12. Reverse Polarities – Beat Slow
13. Big Village – Be My Guest Feat. Ellesquire, Kit Komplete, P. Smurf, Jeswon, Rapaport,
Tenth Dan, Native Wit, Billie Rose, Mute MC, Verbaleyes, Tuka & Mikoen

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