Kryptic – Another Day Of The Week

After spending the last 10 years writing music and lyrics, Kryptic emerged on the hip hop scene in 2006. Debuting on stage at the Jive Bar as part of the former group Broken World, he then went on to be involved in many performances in the years that followed.

These included group and solo performances at venues such as Bar-code, Noise bar, Amber Lounge and The Pint n’ Pickle. The group were fortunate enough to collaborate with the now late DJ Bribe in early 2007. Later that year, Broken World decided to part ways, and pursue their own musical careers. In 2008, Kryptic featured on the album 3’s A Crowd by The Heavyweights. Kryptic has continued to work with the Broken World artist Rapology on his future releases, including a song with Nuttso and Delema of The Outlawz.

In late 2009, he met producer Ryan Cocard through mutual friends. The two sharing a profound  respect and love for music and would go onto make a lot of music together. Ultimately forming the MC/Producer group Space Academy in 2010. The two had a discovery of crafted beats, and DIY recordings spanning in the hundreds, yet they have never released any of this material officially. Space Academy were involved in numerous live performances at venues such as The Canadian Bay Hotel and The Johnstone. The group also competed in the Melbourne Fresh competition at Revolver in Melbourne, in which they were grand finalists.

Stemming from the successes at Revolver, Space Academy went on to compete in the competition Super Unsigned at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, where again they were amongst the finalists. Unfortunately, in the midst of recording what would have been their début EP in late 2010, due to artistic differences the project was left unfinished and unreleased. In early 2011, Kryptic began work on his first official solo release. The mixtape titled Another Day of The Week released in April this year, is available to download below which will be soon followed by a second mixtape Smash  n’ Grab in later this year.

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