D’Opus & Roshambo – Bring Happiness Video

Canberra based producer & emcee duo D’Opus & Roshambo have teamed up again to bring out their long-awaited second LP Past Time, which includes the singles Come Find Out and Bring Happiness. The album was released in April this year on Mercury Switch Lab through Inertia.

The duo have drawn from a pool of Australian artists to collaborate on songs throughout Past Time, with Muph, Hau, Dialectrix and Mdusu just a few who contribute their verses to the album. Chanel Cole, member of Trip Hop group Spook, provides her unique voice on the tracks Bring Happiness and Come Find Out. Nearly three years on since their last album The Switch, the duo describes the themes of Past Time as it being a ‘record about moving on and traveling to a brighter future.” Last Wednesday D’Opus & Roshambo treated us with a newly released video clip from their debut album Past Time. Bring Happiness the 7th track from the album is an energetic and lively joint that perfectly showcases the diversity D’Opus & Roshambo.

Not limited to the countryside of Canberra the video features the picturesque cities of Berlin and Prague and was edited by D’Opus and Cam Brown (a regular content creator for Downtown Brown).
Just incase you haven’t bagged a copy of D’Opus & Roshambo latest LP Past Time here’s a few reasons from the guys on why you should check it out:

  1. it’s really good
  2. it’s our second album so if you didn’t get the first you one, you owe us
  3. it is full of heart, soul, honesty and a nice dose of humour
  4. some of your favourite emcees are on there – Mdusu, Muph, Hau, Dtrix and Scott Burns
  5. Chanel Cole is amazing
  6. it will help keep you warm this winter with its sepia toned artwork (thanks Megan!)
  7. D’O’s beats are off the proverbial meatrack. And Ro’s might just able to rap better now.
  8. there is a song about Canberra on there and also one about drinking
  9. sleeping is for the night times

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