Thorts – Discography (Free Download)

Thorts has been putting in the hard yards since around 2005 and now has decided to “shed his skin” by releasing his collection of works over at his bandcamp page for FREE download. Not only can you pick up Thorts discography to date, you can also pick up a few rare gems, including a track featuring Hau and Ozi Batla with a beat by Admin. See what Thorts had to say about the whole thing below.

“I have uploaded all my previous albums onto my bandcamp page for free download. Basically I feel like I need to shed my skin and move on. I only have a few copies of my last album left and no copies left of the other albums so I figured why not. People are going to get them for free anyway, especially if they search hard enough, so I’m just making it easier for people to find the albums by putting them directly onto my bandcamp page.

I have also uploaded Field Trip (Thorts & Aeticix) self titled ep from 2004, Mankind (Thorts & V) – IIWII from 2007 and Thorts – Bleeding Heart Muzik from 2009. Also for free download is my 2010 digital release louder ACTIONS are NEEDED plus various tracks I have made over the years, just for fun. I have also just put up a track which features Ozi Batla & Hau with production by Admin for free and will also be putting up another track which features Kadyelle and Rachel Berry in the near future. I am currently working on an album with a French producer named Zoen but that won’t be finished until possibly 2012, that won’t be a free download but will defenitley worth the wait…” – Thorts

Get all of the albums mentioned above for FREE download over at Thorts Bandcamp page and check him out on his other links.

Thorts Bandcamp  ||  Thorts Twitter

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