Nymphlow – Ain’t It A Pity // City Under Siege // Digital 12″

A forgotten child of note pads and spray-cans, Nymphlow is the writer’s emcee of 90’s hip-hop lost in a saturated new millennium. Influenced by the cerebral lyricism and DIY ethic of crews such as Wu-Tang Clan and D.I.T.C., Nymphlow’s authorial discipline as a recording artist offers a rebirth of hip-hop’s golden era.

The homie Nymphlow just dropped his debut digital 12″ for free download so here’s your chance to pick it up. Produced by Geko, it features 2 remixes, one by WIK (Crate Cartel) and one by Newsense (BTE), with the cuts provided by Dazed. This is def one for the writers and lovers of raw, traditional hip-hop.

Free download from http://www.nymphlow.com