360 – Killer

As an added bonus 360 has just released the third single from his upcoming album Falling & Flying, a bumper of a track titled Killer. Check it out below now. It’s also official that Rapper Tag has had more than 1 million views on YouTube (1,011,127 to be exact). Falling & Flying will be out September 30, through Soulmate/EMI.

360 – Killer (Colwell/Behr/Allen/Cann/Currie/Ure). Produced by ’96 Bulls. Available @ iTunes 22nd August 2011. Contains a sample from ‘Alles Klar’ by Ultravox included courtesy of Chrysalis Records Limited. Contains elements from ‘Alles Klar’, written by Allen/Cann/Currie/Ure and published by Sing Sing Songs Ltd/Jump-Jet Music Ltd/Hot Food Music Ltd/Mood Music Ltd. All Adm., Universal Music Publishing Ltd. Used by permission. All rights reserved. From the forthcoming Soulmate/EMI album ‘Falling & Flying’ (30th September 2011).