The Herd – Future Shade

It is the most complete realisation of the band’s vision, and their most carefully produced record to date. From a love of ‘90s hip hop (Red Queen Theory) to Eastern European soul (Grandma’s Song); from a Sufjan influence (My Sister’s Palace) to the incomparable (Signs of Life), Future Shade is underpinned by hip hop, but is not contained by any genre.

At their essence, The Herd have always explored the personal and the political: but the fury of a song like 77% has given way to the subtlety of a song like Shihaba, detailing a family member’s encounter with racist customs officials in Europe. The rage hasn’t dimmed though – it bubbles away, masked by melody, cheer and self-deprecating honesty. The same reason they’re loved by lawyers and labourers alike is on show here.

Individually, they’ve garnered multi-award nominations for their solo records; toured here and overseas while overseeing a celebrated roster of talent at Elefant Traks. As a group they’re greater than the sum of it all: their last record charted in the top 10; they’ve been nominated for ARIA and J Awards; have a half a dozen Hottest 100 songs and won a couple of AIR Awards. Above and beyond industry recognition, their observations and social statements have left a mark on Australia’s cultural landscape. As the ever impressive Australian music scene flourishes, one thing is certain: there is no group quite like The Herd. With the release of Future Shade, the party band is back and sticking the knife in.

Jane Tyrrell talks about her music and art as as well as The Herd’s upcoming 5th record, Future Shade. 

Future Shade will be available August 26. Order online here and get your copy signed by the band PLUS a bonus unreleased MP3 Track. Like A Riddle, the bonus MP3 track is a new unreleased track and is not on Future Shade – a link will be e-mailed to you within 24 (business) hours of your order being placed for you to download from.

Track Listing
1. Spin Cycle
2. A Thousand Lives
3. Red Queen Theory
4. Salary Cap
5. Grandma’s Song
6. Signs of Life
7. My Sister’s Palace
8. Market Forces
9. Shihaba
10. The Sum Of It All
11. Future Shade
12. Clash And Collide

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