Sky’high – Look At Me Now

Sky’high is Australia’s most compelling Hip Hop artist yet who displays a raw and aggressive style born from the gutters of Sydney. Tough as nails from a glance but catch a glimpse of that disarming smile and you get a hint there’s a lot more to this character than meets the eye.

Growing up in the Housing commissions of Maroubra and Ultimo surrounded by a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and violence it’s a surprise Sky found the will to do anything other than succumb to criminal influences and/or depression. Yet Sky channeled the frustration and despair of her upbringing into an incredibly vital and energizing representation of her life via rap and song and the results are incredible.

Sky’high (real name Skhai Gerrey) sights Scottish, Aboriginal and Fijian roots and describes herself as a “True blue Aussie through and through”. Her grandmother was an original “go-go” dancer in Sydney’s notorious Kings Cross and her mother ran strip clubs/pubs so the nightclub scene, and of course the music to be found within, was never too distant from a young Skhai. There was certainly a lot of trouble to get into as a youngster but at 15 she put pen to paper writing her first rhymes and thankfully began a path towards music and away from the lure of street life.

Sky’s unmistakable style and delivery is generating buzz throughout the Australian Hip Hop community and earning respect from her peers who voted her Best Female MC at this years “OzHipHop.Com Awards”. After bubbling under the radar for a minute with mixtapes and web videos Sky’high is now set to make her mark in a very distinct way. Sky’high has just dropped a new track and clip titled Look At Me Now and the track is fire! Look At Me Now is produced by P-Money with the video directed by AskewOne.

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