The Last Kinection – Next Of Kin: New Video Clip ‘Are We There Yet?’

The Last Kinection have created one of the most positively energetic records of 2011, the confronting; the passionate; the inspiring Next Of Kin. Fiercely proud of their culture and history, The Last Kinection are extraordinary: uncompromising in their worldview, but with optimism and an outstretched hand.

From the self-assured Find A Way (‘Ngai Wudhim Marigurim Ngai Yirinbu: I am afraid but I’m still strong’); to the commanding Together (‘If you could only spend a day in my shoes, maybe then we could talk, maybe then we could walk together’), Next of Kin is strikingly insightful. It’s the second album from the trio made up of brother and sister Weno (vocals/producer/2nd year medicine student) and Nay (vocals), belonging to the Kabbi Kabbi people of South East Queensland as well as DJ and producer Jaytee.

Created in the aftermath of a horrific car accident in 2008 – where Nay was pronounced dead at the scene before her brother Weno noticed the blanket that covered her move slightly. Ultimately the incident became the subject of a Crash Scene Investigations program. It truly is a tale of triumph over adversity: staring down the utterly devastating prospect of never walking or talking again, to making songs with such a perfect storm of power and melody.

This is a record of defiance, laughter and reflection – beautifully articulate voices bringing an Indigenous experience into sharp focus with a blazing set of banging hip hop. Already they’ve achieved an impressive tally of five Deadly Awards (‘Best Band’ and ‘Best Single’ in 2011; ‘Most Out- standing Achievement in Hip Hop/R&B’ in 2009 and 2010; and Nay was ‘Best Female’ in 2010).

Guests on the record include some of Australia’s most lauded MCs, including Trials (Funkoars) and Briggs from the Golden Era label, Ozi Batla from The Herd, Rival MC from Impossible Odds, Lotek and Omar Musa. Simone Stacey, Nay’s former partner in Shakaya, appears on the lead single Are We There Yet?

Make no mistake; this is an important Australian record.

1 Introduction

2 Find A Way
3 Together feat. Omar Musa
4 Burning Bridges feat. Briggs
5 Millions Of People
6 Talk About It feat. Trials
7 1995 feat. Ozi Batla
8 The Strong Remain feat. Impossible Odds
9 Yawar-Gu (Interlude)
10 Are We There Yet? feat. Simon Stacey
11 Prove Them Wrong
12 Happy People feat. Lotek
13 So Bad (Interlude)
14 So Good
15 Do This
16 Small Stuff
17 Undone

Album Next Of Kin drops 28th October. Video directed & produced by Joel Wenitong. Produced By Jaytee for Hazard Productions & Weno for Blackchilli Productions / Lyrics written & performed by Nay, Weno & Simone Stacey / Guitar & Piano performed by Gareth Hudson

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