Brad Strut cast in feature film ‘Pinball’

The Melbourne-based production company, Holscope, announced today that local hip-hop icon and Lyrical Commission founding member, Brad Strut, has been cast as Kurt Thorp in the crime actioner, Pinball. He will be starring alongside up and coming talent and recent VCA graduate, Kevin Kiernan-Molloy, who has been cast in the lead role of Clint Thorp.

Writer/director, Matt Holcomb, stated, “Brad has been a formidable force in the Australian and international hip-hop scenes for over ten years, and Kevin is a major new talent who blew us all away in the proof-of-concept “Pinball” short film. Brad and Kevin together onscreen is a thrilling prospect; I can’t wait to get to work.”

Pinball is the debut feature film of filmmaking brother team, Matt and Trevor Holcomb, with principal photography due to commence next month. Set against the backdrop of Melbourne’s criminal underworld, Pinball is a modern re-telling of the biblical account of Cain and Abel as a gritty crime actioner-cum-urban western.

Pinball tells the tragic story of Clint Thorp, a talented Australian Rules footballer-turned-criminal errand boy, who is hired by his brother and aspiring crime boss, Kurt Thorp, to carry out a hit on an inconsequential member of Melbourne’s underworld. With his gun levelled at the target, Clint discovers he’s not the assassin he thought he could be and flees the scene, reporting his failure to a livid Kurt, who, in his fury, reveals the target was in fact notorious crime lord, Carmine Vigoda. Thus begins Clint’s descent into hell, marked for death, abandoned by Kurt and left to roam the original mean streets of Melbourne for as long as he can stay alive.

Check out the exclusive leak Brad Strut – I Need Change lifted from the upcoming  Ciecmate Presents: Chess Sounds Vol.1 here.

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