Elefant Traks Announces an Industry first ‘CD Plus MPFree’

Your favourite label is leading the way with a new system of album sales through the Elefant Traks online store called CD + MPfree. Get a CD or vinyl sent to your letterbox; receive the same album as high quality MP3s in your inbox, free and Immediately!

Downloads and cloud-based consumption is undoubtedly the future, but labels still sell more CDs than digital albums. This is about rewarding those who feel the liner note love and value lyric booklets or signed copies, or the joy of a parcel in the mail. It’s two for the price of one, without devaluing either. Not only are they free, but the MP3s are high quality (320kbps).

This is a permanent feature of the store, from our wonderful new signing The Last Kinection and their record Next of Kin to our Darwin stars Sietta. And yes, The Herd , Horrorshow, Hermitude, The Tongue, Urthboy, Joelistics, Ozi Batla, Unkle Ho, Astronomy Class and more.

Exclusively available through www.elefanttraks.com

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