Boys Like You (Cam Bluff Official Remix)

A member of Brisbane group Vegas Aces, Cam Bluff is no beginner when it comes to making bangers. Having already produced for Australian artists such as Spit Syndicate, The Tongue and The Optimen, his newest creation is his official remix of 360’s hit single Boys Like You.

aahh caught up with Cam Bluff to get his thoughts on the new remix. Check out what he had to say below:

After releasing the Vegas Aces track with Sixty (360) earlier on in the year, I was keen to work on some other things with him. I got handed the accapella for Boys Like You and was merly just going to muck around with the vocals. I just wanted to see if the track would actually work with a sequenced drum break compared to the original. After I had something solid I started to see that this was definatly going somewhere. I find now days when I’m working on a track i’ll often re-visit it and only then do I start to really open up and get creative. I’m honestly a fan of what Sixtys doing and can definatly say you will be seeing us working on more music together in the future“. – Cam Bluff

Flipping the track on it’s head, Cam’s remix takes the song in an almost eerie direction fusing deep synths and minimal drums to create a highly emotive version of 360’s tune.