Eloquor – Human Condition Video Clip

Eloquor thrives as a storyteller, his tracks tell of both hardship and resilience, leaving behind a lingering sense of realistic optimism. Produced by Simplex, Human Condition explores the notion of attempting to reach a common ground based on the inherit similarities of all human beings.

The sentiments strewn through Eloquors rhymes promote dignity and the importance of living life by your own design. One of the most persevering, hard-working emcees in the game; Eloquor has earned his stripes performing alongside industry heavyweights such as Pegz, Briggs, and the Hilltop Hoods.

Thematically Eloquor delves into some of the most pressing issues humanity has to face in the future. Despite the subject matter, his message is a positive one, urging humankind to use what they have and rise above the mindlessness and materialism destroying our international situation.

Eloquor – Human Condition is now available at selected music retailers, itunes and Bigcrate. The Human Condition video was directed by Carl Allison. Eloquor will be launching his EP Human Condition with In Good Company Saturday 17 Dec @Revolver Upstairs.

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